5 things you should avoid in sales meeting

Only sales people know how difficult it is to get an appointment for warm calling or for cold calling either in phone or in person their primary objective is to convert the prospect into a customer .Whether it is 15 minutes or half an hour you should make it fruitful for your business.

I made cold calls in person to many prospects and learned few things on how to handle them carefully. So here I am writing down 5 things you should avoid in a sales meeting that may help you.

1.Don’t pitch more than 3 minutes

Any product can be pitched within 2 minutes but never exceed 3 minutes .If he is interested in letting him to raise the question and then answer his question on by one.

Do not utilize the entire session only to pitch your product they may lose the interest on your product or they will simply get a feel that you are pushing the product to them.

Never try to close the deal in your first meeting itself you can give them quotation in your first meeting to proceed further.

2.Never make wrong Commitments

This mostly happens when a sales person is under pressure to increase his volume so they make false commitments to get away from that. If your prospect finds it wrong then you lost a potential prospect.

If you don’t know the answer for what he asked to take time or dial your immediate manager to solve his query don’t guess and play.

3.Don’t talk bad about your competitors

Your prospect may enquire about your competitors to cross check your knowledge on the market only because they are your business competitors never take them down rather give a right feedback.

Many prospects enquired me about our competitors.In some products they are doing really good- I replied.

If you have more local players than branded players never compare yourself with local players, make a comparison only with branded people to understand your service better.

4.Stop negotiating

If you have an authority to negotiate with your customer then proceed else get a help from your authorised managers.

If you are providing service or selling product at fixed rate then there won’t be a problem of negotiation but in some business, it is the sales person fix their EBITDA for the respective prospect in that case never ever go below certain point though the deal is profitable.

Your customer may quote competitors rate to you for negotiation but convince him in what way you are better than your competitor and never go with customer price.

If you go with your customer’s price with less EBITDA

  • They may get a feel initially, you tried to cheat with a huge difference in rate.
  • If another customer to whom you are selling with high EBITDA comes to know about this then you will definitely lose him.
  • The price of a product or service always associated with quality decreasing your price may raise an unwanted question on your product or service.
Brands won’t bargain to sell their product.
5.Be silent and get back

You cannot expect all the clients to treat with respect some of them maybe had a bad experience with your product or service. Some may lose interest after pitch or price. So if they make a comment on your company don’t react but simply note it down and listen to him carefully give him the feel you are listening.

There are some clients not even ready to share their business cards or mobile numbers and tells I call you if I want. Never nag them for a mobile number or for business card be silent and return with a smile.

These are the five things we should avoid in sales meeting if you feel a lot more are there please comment down we will add it up.

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