How to get free content for your company’s blog?

Being a strong believer of content marketing, I can say your company’s blog play a major role than any other content materials you circulate.So here I am compiling free content for your company’s blog.

The blog is the best place to grow your subscribers but to maintain the consistency of publishing quality articles you need to know what your customer want, what is trending in your industry, what is your USP and many factors that influence while designing a content.

Being a bootstrapped business you cannot spend more on creating a content for your blog .You cannot hire an individual exclusively for creating and publishing a content.

Rich content is more than mere text, it holds images, infographics, charts, numbers, ideas, problems, and solutions. Creating a quality content is the need of the industry to make it shareable.

How to get free content for your company’s blog?

1.Authors Pool

You can get a quality content from authors pool ,where bloggers publish much original content on different topics .You can reach them to republish your articles related to your industry for free .

If your site is getting decent views and somewhat popular in your niche they will definitely agree to republish the content because a backlink from your site could increase their own blog.

Few of the sites where you can get some free content for your company’s blog is


1.ArticleBase 2.Post Joint
3.My Blog Guest 4.Content BLVD
2.Announce prize

You can run a contest to get free quality content for your blog.

For example, you can announce a prize amount for sending quality entries on the specific topic and the best one will fetch a good money.

Based on the prize money you will get more entries filter out best articles and publish it on your blog.

Promote the contest on social medias to bring more entries.

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3.Involve your employees

Your employees are the best people to get original and quality content for your blog.

For example, A person handling customers knows the problem and solution your customers facing .Ask him to put down both problems and solution so you could publish it .

Convert numbers into a report, for example, you can get your market position and trends from your own business development team or from sales team convert it into a report and make it as a post.

4.Do survey

You can get some good content by publishing survey reports.

For example content marketing Institute and Marketing Profs together conducted an online survey about content marketing.

They collected thousands of response, converted those responses into reports and published it as a post.

5.Invite Guest Bloggers

Bloggers always want to increase the number of backlinks to their post so having “Guest submit” tab on your website could bring you number of articles.

For example : If you are a digital marketing institute you can expect posts from bloggers writing about social media marketing, content marketing, and email marketing.

Inviting bloggers to write for your site will ultimately reduce your blogging cost and could publish some original quality contents.

These five tips could really help you to get some free content for your company’s blog.

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