5 tips on how to get job through LinkedIn

Yes you are bored of hearing this if you want to get Job concentrate on LinkedIn than on Tinder or Facebook. Your parents and professors believe LinkedIn is a place to connect with professionals but they never taught you how to improve your opportunity using LinkedIn. You can take help of professional LinkedIn profile writers who will make your profile look more approachable or here are some writing shortcuts on how to get job through LinkedIn:

1.Make a post

You might have seen recruiters making post like this

Hey hi we are recruiting fresh talents for new openings in London and Bangalore .Like or comment on this post so we will view your profile later.

Why don’t we try it in reverse? Yes we make a post like this

Hi I am graduated from X university with Y grade having core skills in Z functions , finding opportunities in Z related business if you have vacant please review my profile .Friends please like my post to reach right people.

Hope you know how important it is to get likes it’s more powerful than Facebook shares so request people to like your post .I have not seen such a post like this think different and improve your opportunity.

2.Hack a mail address

If you find any HR making post on vacancy rather than simply linking or commenting on the post you can send your resume to their personal mail.

If you see any post like that just send a connection request to the respective user once they accepted your request.

Get their mail id and send your resume, Read the article’s first point on How to extract your connection’s mail id.

Send your completed resume to the respective person and wait for the reply if they don’t reply then don’t send again and again leave them and approach through some other techniques.

3.Get endorsements and recommendations

Maintain a complete profile with precise information and more skills to your profile and request people to endorse your skills .Endorsements are also like recommendations but not in written form.

For example if I know Digital marketing and if get more endorsements then my profile viewer say recruiter believes in my skill and get an idea about my knowledge on Digital marketing. But you can only endorse your first degree connections.

Get a written recommendations this will really create a positive impact on your profile .You can get a recommendations from your successful seniors, Immediate managers, Alumni, Professors and colleagues.

More recommendations from high profile people will help you to grab the opportunity with shortlisted profiles.

4.Publish a post

There is an option to publish your own writing on specific topics and it goes public and reach right people if you use appropriate tags.

For example if you are looking for an opportunity in marketing publish a post with some creative ideas and with appropriate tags. Publish a post once in a week and then starts exploring opportunity this will really help you to stand out.

5.Follow your connections updates

Don’t ignore your connections updates like job change, position change, title change etc., it will help you. It will open up a way to get a job.

For example one of my connections changed his company from X to Y and I got a notification from LinkedIn that “D started working in Y wish him ….

That time I was trying an opportunity outside my present company so I dropped a message like this “ Congratulations ,I am looking for a new opportunity is there any more openings in your company in marketing “ He said yes then the conversation went and it ended up in salary negotiation with the company HR.

So if your connections are switching their job then you have two opportunities one where they worked and the second one in where they joined. So keep following your connections updates.

If you know few other tips on how to get a job through LinkedIn please comment down below we will add it up.

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