Weebly an another easy tool to create your site

WordPress made website building an achievable dream for noncoders with an easy to access the dashboard. A lot of people started writing a blog and created their beta website with WordPress. Instead of spending dollars to create your site you have to spend the time to create your own site now.

In the same way, Weebly is here to publish your site for free or you can buy your very own domain and host package at a competitive price. This supports users with chrome extension a single click will give you a statistical report of your site.

All you have to do is to signup and publish the site .Here I am writing down the step by step guide to publishing your site in Weebly.

1.Go to Weebly.com

Just google into weebly.com and signup to create your free account. You can also  choose premium packages based on your need but I prefer you to try trial pack first.

It asks for username, email address, and password just enters the details and create your account.

2.Choose your theme

You are given options like Featured,Business,Online store,Personal,Events,Blog and portfolio based on your need choose a theme.

3.Choose your  domain

If you want to publish your site for free then you have to choose a subdomain of Weebly or you can register a new domain under Weebly or you can transfer the domain from third party host to Weebly if you have the one already. But you need to pay more for transferring the domain and takes a time to complete the transfer.


4.Build your dream site

You are equipped with readymade tools to design your site .You can also choose an attractive layout for different pages.

Right from basic tools like adding images, slide shows to advanced plugins also available to enhance user experience and to measure the stats.


5.Publish your site

Once you are done with building your site  you can put it online in one click but before publishing Weebly asks to verify your mobile number by entering correct OTP. Once you entered right then your dream site is ready.

6.Chrome Extension

To measure your website stats Weebly provides you an extension in chrome store just add it to your browser .It provides the stats like a number of page views ,unique visitors in a day in a month and in a year also provides data about your Weebly blog and forums.



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