How to create an Original Content?

It’s not only Google even your subscribers love freshness. But it’s not an easy do to create an original content. If you are a blogger you should aware of the fact 1400 blog posts are published every minute and most of the contents are related to the niche you are concentrating on.

Use Buzzsumo to find the post published for the keywords you have selected.

For example, if you are writing about online money making google will give you 52,50,00,000+ results for the search online money making but how you are going to compete with these blogs and how you are going to increase blog traffic.

Search results for Online money making

If you don’t have faith on SEO then you should focus on social media marketing which could bring the right amount of traffic if your content is original and interesting to read.

For example, when I started writing I couldn’t make 50 views per day and obviously zero clicks on ads because I made a lot of mistakes as a beginner that time I feel like this.

I thought of breaking like this


But slowly I understood this content Industry and increasing my view now I could make 1K+ views for a single post in a day and most of my traffic are from social platforms.

My best-performing post is Free marketing tools for small business

So I believe both SEO and social media to increase my traffic.

But if your content is not interesting enough or original you cannot expect high open rates.

To produce some original content here I am suggesting you few points what I learned .I am damn sure these points will help you to create an original content.

For example, consider there are 10 bloggers writing about “Online Money Making “ and nine of them are producing the same content on “How to make money from Amazon” now you too want to write on the same topic  but how you are going to differentiate.

The very first step is you should go through all the nine post by that time you will know only one is original and others are copycat. So now you got an opportunity.

Extract the central theme on what they are acting then put your content with more data.

Most of them list only the ways to make money from Amazon you go one step further.

Put some data on how much money amazon dispatched so far, possibly with infographic you can use to create free infographics or check out this link to create free infographics.

You can also add affiliates feedback in your post for each method .You can easily find amazon’s affiliates on Pinterest or in some facebook groups.

Collect the feedback and if possible rate it and publishes it on your blog.

The idea behind the original content is you should tell what other bloggers failed to write on the same topic.

The above discussed is just an example .

Apart from reviews, infographics try to include more numbers on your blog. You can easily get numbers on Google News on a certain topic.

To make your content interesting you can infuse Youtube videos related to your content remember the videos need not be your own you can put a link to the popular Youtuber with his permission.

You can also post a link to the presentation related to your topic from SlideShare. Very few bloggers are going for SlideShare but it’s worth trying.

Don’t hesitate to promote others link on your blog, your ultimate aim to satisfy the reader who is opening your post.

If you are lucky enough you may get a backlink from popular bloggers.

Other than displaying attractive images, infographics, reviews, videos, presentations etc.

To make the post interesting, make it humorous like adding some GIFS as I did in the beginning (I read this one from Neil’s Patel post).

Give them positive energy before they get into the post as I did in the beginning “I am damn sure these points will help you to create an original content.” You could psychologically attack your reader but don’t overdo this.

What else?

Think about the topic before you start writing like what is the new thing I can say to my reader, what is the new technology, How can I provide a better solution than my competitor.

I spend 1.5 days to create content and 1.5 days to market it. Remember one thing you need to market your post in spite of its quality to drive more traffic or sales.

Put the same effort to share your post as you do for advertising your book. Imagine you have written a single page book with 1000 words Keep on sharing your post on all platforms.

Don’t forget bookmarking sites like Pinterest, FlipBoard, Digg, Disqus they could fetch more traffic compared to Facebook and Twitter.

To make it more original once in a week update your post with some additional data.

I don’t write on Sunday but update my performing posts to bring more freshness and I have also witnessed the growth in rank.

By doing all this you could make your content unique on the same topic.

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