How we did viral campaign?

It’s the dream of business owners to make their brand viral which is difficult to do amidst competition earlier they did with the help of influencers with mouth marketing and through traditional ways of promoting in Television but the advent of social networks made easy to reach your respective audience. You need not to pay huge or to approach any digital marketing agency all you have to do is to present simple and effective contents related to your business .So here I am submitting the work I done in Viral campaign.

They won’t share your business messages simply because you reached them through paid campaign.

Content is the king but a normal user never share the poster unless it motivates him. So don’t simply share your business messages tell him something interestingly related to your business.

For example if you are running online grocery store make a poster of how man bought groceries 100 years before with pictures else make your own Photoshop picture. Tell him which he doesn’t know but simple. Make more pictures from history create video or image with influencers of respective niche related to your industry that will excites him.

Make use of big platforms like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter to do viral campaign it will be easy to reach more people .Social Medias never promote your content it’s the user who circulate it so attract him.

We also tried to promote our SocialTalky’s Facebook page(News/media website) to FB users but we couldn’t make big so we gone for paid promotion one day we thought of doing viral campaign so we collected some posters related to our domain which is news and media and mostly we write about celebrities, lifestyle, marketing, money making .So we created a poster like this


We found Abdul Kalam’s Anna University Visiting card where he worked in his early stage and created a poster Which attracted huge audience and still doing well people are sharing it to their friends and we are getting more reach and likes for our viral campaign poster.

If you want to get 50(appx) likes for a page you have to spend 100(appx) rupees in paid promotion but we got 250 new likes and growing because of this viral campaign.

You can also invite the people who likes your poster by clicking on the likes, a popup will display and you can invite them to like your page which is an additional boost for you. By doing this you can save more money and reach more people.

All you have to do is to find the content that will interest your audience and avoid promoting simple business messages.

It’s not only in Facebook follow this in all the major platform. You can put more efforts in Pinterest if you are targeting women audience.

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