How to make your Facebook post reach more people?

This is purely from our very own analysis and how we are achieving more in this. You may have 2000 page likes but whenever you make a post it won’t reach all the 2k users but only 15-20%  it reach around 400-500 people .If you want to reach more people you can try paid promotion to get more reach. Anyone can do this with money but smart marketers never do this they do one step better than normal people. Have you ever thought of how to make your post reach more than the number of page likes? Yes you can there is a possible situation and we realized this.

Since we are in growing path we have only 1.8k likes but whenever we make posts it won’t even reach 200 people.

To increase the reach we tried paid boosting ,as a result we reached 1196 out of this 496 is organic and 696 is paid we felt happy we reached at least 1000 people though we spent some money.

But when we wrote about “Notable start-ups from Chennai” we reached 2480 users which is more than the number of page likes we have. Then we dived in to the insights we found the number of engagements is more than normal post we read about that then we came to know the more number of engagements you get more number of people you reach.

When we made another post on “Notable start-ups from Anna University” we reached 5.6k which is the highest as said earlier it got more number of engagements like shares,likes , comments and link clicks our objective is to make people to read our article but this will happen only when we reach .if you reach 1000 people 50-60 people will click the post  so it is important to reach more number of audience. When we reached 2k people we had 140 post clicks but when we reached 5k users we got 429 clicks .

How to increase engagements?

The best way is to ask your friends personally to like your post whenever you are posting so your next post will appear in your friends wall automatically you need not to boost not only this it will also appears in his friend’s wall so you can reach more people. Remember it’s not only sharing but liking also help you to reach more.

But don’t nag your friend every time, you make him like by posting interesting things. Make sure your title is catchy to make him like or view.

Is organic promotion better than paid?

From our own analysis we feel organic is much better than paid you can reach more people without spending single penny but some extra efforts. This is not google search results to say both organic and paid are useful.

So be smart in your promotion, If you feel this article is interesting and useful kindly share this with your friends .Please comment down your suggestion on this topic.

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