Difference between Content Marketing and Article Marketing

It’s the dream of every business right from start-ups to established one to spend very little penny on marketing and to get more sales but in the digital world the dream is little bit modified they want to come up in Google’s first page to increase their sales volume. There are lot of marketing strategies to advertise at low cost in that content marketing and article marketing plays a major role. But some of the marketers are confusing with these two terms calling it same but not actually.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is all about writing contents about your business or specific products and publishing it in your site which will help your viewers to understand your product better.

You can publish it in separate blog or host it in your own site I prefer the later which will help you to increase your SEO score.

Article marketing

Article marketing is all about creating a content about particular topic from your domain and publishing it in article directories or in local magazines.

For example: If you are a digital marketing agency  and there is a local magazine in your city writing about digital marketing with 1 million subscribers you can contribute articles related to digital marketing for free they will publish it with your company name and author name if it is e-magazine they will provide link to your site also. They help you to reach one million.

This will create impact among their readers that you are leader in this domain they believe you and approach you for their marketing solutions thereby you can improve your business.

It’s not only for business but also for authors they can write an article related to their genre, bloggers can also participate in guest blogging in established websites which could bring them good number of audience to their site.

Both Content marketing and Article marketing improve your SEO score and helps you to get good rank.

Challenges in Content marketing and Article marketing

1.You have to spend more time on creating quality content for that you need deeper business or product knowledge.

2.If you are busy in other part of your business you have to employ a content writer which will increase your marketing cost.

3.Your competitor from the same city can approach the same article directories.

4.Your content may be stolen and can be published in some other sites.

5.Due to increase in demand your article distributor may charge you for publishing your articles.

Lots of online article directories are there select respective one for your business in Google.

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