How to drive more sales through Slideshare?

Slideshare is one of the underrated marketing tools by the content marketers but if you know the power of Slideshare damn sure you will addict to it like Pinterest.70 million new visitors are visiting Slideshare every month. Like Pinterest’s pins, Quora’s question Google also index SlideShare’s presentation in its search so obviously it helps you to increase your SEO score.

It’s not only for marketers to drive sales but also for bloggers to drive millions of traffic to their website and also for authors to advertise their books.

Your single valuable presentation could bring tremendous traffic to your website for months. All you should do is to add SlideShare to your list.

Here I would like to help you how to increase your blog views or sales through SlideShare.

The concept is simple like you are publishing videos on Youtube here you can publish your presentation deck with lead forms and link to your blog which is clickable.

This is a boon to affiliate marketers to take them to the landing page directly from a slide.

How to include affiliate link?

More customized readymade tools are available on online but the most attractive and widely used product is right from creating your Pinterest images to creating a presentation Canva supports everything.

Signup to create your free account and select presentation choose suitable templates for your project or idea.

Creating a slide is as same as working on MS Powerpoint but when you want to include a link select the text and click on the link icon at the top left corner and add the link once you are done.

Download the presentation in PDF format and upload it on Slideshare the link which you added on the slide is clickable here.

If you are an affiliate marketer you can include your affiliate link to drive more sales. If you are presenting for your own business include the link to your landing page.

Really affiliate marketers are making few dollars and marketers driving sales through SlideShare for real money.

Other than including a link on the slide you can include a lead page between the slides.

When you upload your presentation on SlideShare you can link a lead form to collect some leads from the viewers.

To add the lead form just click the checkbox at the bottom of the page before you publishing.

You can customize the lead form later like this

But this feature is not free you need to spend at least $25 to incorporate lead forms.

You can convert the lead to sales by continuous follow ups.

Other than adding lead form you can add a link to your landing page at the description area.

Hope now you can use this three methods to infuse your affiliate links to drive sales through SlideShare. publishes useful and interesting topics for you follow us on Facebook and Twitter ,bookmark us in social bookmarking sites.

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