Using Custom Marketing Materials For Effective Print Marketing Campaign

Businesses are always thinking of ways to communicate with their customers and prospects. In these modern times, consumers are bombarded with email marketing and online advertisements. But, print media is another way to reach your audience. By using custom marketing materials, your business can generate greater results when you use them with other marketing avenues.


You can increase the effectiveness of your other marketing channels if you include print marketing in your overall marketing campaign. You are creating synergy when you compliment your marketing efforts with print. This multifaceted system becomes more successful when you add more channels like TV and radio. Your custom printed materials can have social media profiles, email addresses, QR codes, and URLs, as a way to reinforce your message.

Conversion Rates

The conversion rate is one of the benefits of custom print marketing. Several studies indicate that consumers favour brands that give printed marketing materials. For example, many magazines illustrate the impact of print marketing in high ROI and brand awareness.

Expand Your Market

If you provide your employees with custom marketing materials such as polo shirts or jackets that have your company logo, this makes people identify the clothes with your business. In the long run, customers will have someone to find the products or services they need, and someone reliable to answer their questions. After their work, your employees will wear their custom materials to the mall, restaurant, grocery store, gas station, etc.

The same effects will happen if you give promotional items to your target market or sell your unique products. Both your employees and customers will become your brand advocates and walking billboards. Eventually, you can reach other people who may not be familiar with your brand.

Build Brand Loyalty

Another crucial advantage of using print marketing is that it can develop brand loyalty. You can give custom gift items to your customers, for example. Your customers will have a sense of value and appreciation if you reward them with caps, bags, pens, t-shirts, and so on.

Print marketing is also useful in advertising your new products, upcoming sales, and special events. Also, it allows you to add discount codes to your marketing materials such as your business cards as a way to promote your eCommerce. Even when you ship a box to your customers, you can include a promotional product to show your gratitude and encourage them to choose your brand again.

Repeated Exposure

Some businesses experience diminishing returns due to repeated exposure. The response rate of people who see the same message significantly reduces. But it is a different story with print marketing. The response rate of printed marketing materials continues to increase even after people see them several times. With custom marketing materials, you can create your campaign that will generate ongoing and long-term results.


Print marketing materials have the power to outlast digital media, thus delivering extended benefits. For example, when a user sees an online advertisement, how much of it will the person remember after clicking away? If a consumer remembers it, how do they return and review that information?

But, with custom materials, consumers can remember them for months or years on end. No matter how people use or wear your promotional items, your message will be able to stay alive in their minds longer than those marketing messages online.

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