Crucial things you need to consider before setting up a startup

There would be a lot of fundamental considerations that all types of businesses should try and consider so that they can set up a new business enterprise. Setting up a startup business makes it imperative that you give these fundamentals a good thought.

The first aspect that you should consider is that your central aim should be in making more and more profits. You will also notice that the tax collecting agencies take such a position and if you generate losses on a continual basis then they shall not consider your business seriously, but just an occasional hobby.

They won’t allow you to make losses anymore. You will have to generate profits. There are plenty of companies which spend more on expenses than what they earn back.

In this article, you will learn about such considerations that you must make.

Prior to you quitting your regular job to set up your business, it is highly recommended that you consider some things.

The first thought that you must have will be to see whether the product that you have will be something that people would want to buy. You must be sure that people would want to buy these products and services that you provide. Do not be tentative about this issue. The Business Analyst training course provides a deep understanding and overview of what factors must be considered.

In the event that you are unsure, it is necessary that you conduct some tests prior to spending your money actively on this business venture and then bankrupting yourself.

Setting up a startup business

You must as your friends and family whether they would like buying those products. This can give you an idea if your business will be generating revenues.

Your budget will be quiet, and when you have found out with certainty that your business products and services will generate profits, it will be important that you decide upon you will budget your expenses precisely.

  1. Make a monthly budget for all your expenses:

You will have to ascertain exactly what amount of money you shall need in order to generate revenues. The revenues will have to cover just your monthly expense initially.

In the event, that you are not working and do not have any form of ways to generate income, then you have to find a way to be able to pay your monthly bills without running into debt.

You ought not to resign from your job suddenly if you are not sure that your savings will be able to sustain you by at least one or one and a half years.

The primary reason as to why you should do this will be the fact that these savings will function as a cushion for you. You might be feeling stressed out from struggling to generate more money.

Stress can cloud your mental balance and your judgment. It can strain out your energy. You must be mentally healthy to be able to work in a proper manner.

Setting up a business in Indonesia or any other country, with so many other businesses related distractions and problems, you must try and avoid getting any extra burden imposed on yourself.

Thus, when you know what minimum monthly amount you will require, then this knowledge would help you in working and operating in a better manner. It is essential that you know what specific numbers you would want when you want to have a successful business venture.

You should endeavor to make an account detailing all the expenses that you incur. You ought not to be making mistakes in the form of omitting out any details like the costs of your grocery, your entertainment, your vacations and any form of unforeseen expenses that you might incur.

When you have a family, then include their expenses also. These will be an account that will detail your expenses and will be an estimate of the amount that you will have to cover with your revenues.

This will help in guiding you and assist you in making better financial decisions.

You will have to categorize your expenses in different sections with absolute details. These categories will include items like your food, your clothes, the costs of mortgages, your repairing, bill payment, costs of insurances, holidays, smartphones, laundries, loans, etc.

Then you must add them all up as your monthly expense.

  1. Create a list of probable expenses when you start your business startup:

You must note down the expenses and your total capital investments that would be required to give your business venture a push prior to generating revenues.

The entrepreneurs will be initially having hope as they start their business. You must note down all the expenses that you will be incurring and then do a thorough review of them.

This will help you meet your objectives. You will also learn how to manage your accounts in a better way. Your expenses will again need to be categorized as inventories, rents, rent securities, office equipment, creating a business website, office supplies and so on.

  1. Create a list outlining your business costs for each month:

Once again, you will have to return to the basics in order to know what revenues you must generate. This will be your positive cash flow.

Positive cash flow is the money which you have after your revenues have covered your expenses. You must balance out, your personal expenses, your business expenses and the net profit that you have made after calculating the first two.

This is a nominal method to check the type of various expenses that you must expect when you begin a startup business venture. You must understand how these expenses need to be balanced and covered prior to starting the business.


When you start a new business venture, you must be ready to spend plenty of time, energy and money on it. It will take some time before you generate revenues in large amounts. So you must be ready with your budget till the revenues come.

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