Focused Approach methods for sales executives

Being a sales executive we always run behind numbers to save our seat and to save our companies share in the market. But it’s not easy for all the sales executives to be successful in his niche it depends on many factors such as brand value, competitor’s size in the market, product value and many. Sales Executive’s approach also plays a vital role in capturing customers.

We need to devise a strategy for the respective domain and for individual customers. Singing the same song to all the audience won’t work sometimes.

Now everything is customized right from clothes to foods. We too need to customize our strategy for individual customers .

Don’t follow the same to everyone.

Here I am splitting down a month to devise a strategy.

Since we are under pressure to achieve or find a place near the target most sales people blindly follow many prospects and left with one or two closed deals at the end.

How to manage?

Divided your month into weeks .Now you got 4 weeks and remember one thing this method won’t close the deal at the very first week but at the end of the month for sure.

Spend your very first week to find prospects, work to find more prospects because you are going to work only in the first week and following weeks you can relax.

Put more effort if you are doing field work, fill your vehicle to travel more and gather at least 10 prospects.

Once you have found 10 prospects in the first week .Now you need to move on to second week here you need not  explore unexplored places but simply follow the found 10 prospects.

Don’t waste your energy in finding new prospects rather spend your fuel to follow the found one.

You know it very well you cannot convert all 10 prospects into customers but continuous follow-ups could make at least 5.

Try to educate your customers about your product, your USP and solve his own queries. Make a timetable to follow your 10 prospects in the second week.

Follow them continuously and your main job is to protect your prospects from competitor’s eyes.

In the third week filter your prospects and focus on convertible prospects only.

Increase your number of visits, more than following through phone visit your prospects personally and build a relationship.

In the fourth week definitely, you could convert your prospects into customers. I tried this in a month I made few conversions.

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