10+ free sample sites for your blog or small business

You know it very well people around the world fond of the word freebie. Do you think really there is free stuff in this world? If you say NO then I am damn sure you understood this world better? Except air nothing is free.

I can guess what you are thinking, Why am I taking lecture?

Cool, actually there are some freebie websites which you gives you free samples of fast moving consumer goods when you complete some survey or some task like sharing their post on social platforms.

There are few other websites which gives you some discounts on costly products like TV, gold, washing machine, fridge etc. But to avail the discounts you need to again write some paragraphs about their product and share it on social media than by lucky draw you may get the chance to avail discounts on big product.

But being a blogger or small website owner how these websites can benefit you.

You can collect some products from freebie websites by participating in a survey or quizzes the give it back to your subscribers either through competition or lucky draw.

Giveaways help your website to increase your subscribers, traffic and help in the word of mouth marketing.

If you are a full-time blogger or author in a profession you could spend few hours daily to collect some freebies.

So to help you out my friends here I compiled a post on the list of freebie websites.

List of free sample sites


Other than FMCG products this website also host some free online education programs, great deals on birthday deals, survey coupons, and special coupons. Great place for sticker lovers also.

Free samples include anti-virus software, free stuff includes automotive to internet stuff. This amazing freebie website is loaded with a lot of free samples and trials.

2.Woman Freebies

Yes, what you guessed is 100% right this exclusive for women and babies.

Womenfreebies.com believe “try before you buy” so they affiliated with many emerging and top brands to deliver free samples to their subscribers.

A perfect place for women to get her stuff free right from makeup samples to household samples.

They keep on updating freebies from the market every day.

But when we analyzed this website on the internet it’s found the overall rating is 1.5 which is based on service, value, distribution, shipping, returns, and quality.

3.Women Freebies

No ,wait I am not repeating both are different first one is a woman and this one is women.

Women freebies run a contest to pick a lucky one other than few free samples which are free to everyone.

4.Sample A Day

This site gives you free samples which are really free means you need not spend your valuable time to fill up any survey or sharing on social media.

This site gives you a mix of free products from all categories.

5.I Love free things

This simply designed website giveaway free stuff when you complete little tasks like referring your friend, tweeting, photo upload, become ambassador etc., few micro works you need to complete.

If you are interested in getting really some cool stuff spare few minutes here not few dollars.


This website will really make you say WTF seriously you can find free samples from top brands without any tasks.

I requested a top branded sample you too can get here.

7.Free stuff Times

Here you are given options to choose free stuff after completing a task or fetching it directly.

If you are a book lover here you can find free kindle books.

8.My Free product Samples

Are you suffering from EMS? Don’t you know what is EMS? Then you should watch this footage.



Before signing up you cannot view the product details or it won’t take you to the landing page.

Like other free sample sites, Freeflys also delivers free samples from various categories but limited numbers.

10.Totally Free Stuff

Really interesting, attractive , a collection of more useful products. Worth spending time here rather than spending bucks.

Well categorized easy to navigate, a well-designed site for new viewers.

I tested few links it’s amazing.




Again this website will shock you with free samples from renowned brands.

Other than fetching a product from here you can also suggest a freebie offer to them through their portal.


This site will really mesmerize you with the number of free samples and categories.

They update it regularly so you can find the latest offers on the market.

14.Free stuff finder

Other than free samples from B class brands this website also hosting discounts, offers, coupons and deals news for easy purchase.

15.Save the Student

Other than free samples for students they also giving tips on saving money ,making money online,part time jobs and deals and discounts.


Hosting a decent number of freebies and coupons but not categorized for easy access to products.

It’s another simple site hosting a limited number of freebies but with regular updates.

17.Sample Source

Just three steps to receive your free sample.

1.Need to register and explain about your lifestyle, interests blah blah .

2.Select the samples from categorized menu. Provide your shipping address.

3.They will ship the product.

18.Free sample Monkey

Free sample monkey

100’s of free samples listed .Since it got the name monkey samples are not categorized they are like here and there.



Again this is another site which shocks you with free samples from top brands.

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