How To Get a Free Car in India

How To Get a Free Car in India?

No one will say no to free stuff that too for a car in India do I need to ask?

To contradict the above statement there is a proven adage that “nothing comes free” you need to offer something to gain something.

Here in this case also you need to adjust few things to get a free car, this type of business model “getting free car in India” is most suitable for lower middle class people and of course for people who struggle to pay their emi.

Many people are simply dreaming about having their own car but the dream is a mere dream if you don’t have money to buy that. Keeping mere talks aside.

Let’s discuss the real idea of how to get a free car in India.

Hope you might have seen some display advertisement on car bodies as a part of the outdoor campaign to increase the brand awareness but this kind of advertisements are mostly done on daily rental cab’s because rental cab travels across the city ,higher mileage so obviously higher impressions for the advertiser.

A delhi based startup “EmifreeCar “ introduced the same concept on private passenger cars, all you have to do is to pay the down payment of your new vehicle and attach with “Emifree car” based on your daily usability they put the best advertisement which is easily removable and  cause no harm to your vehicle.

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EmifreeCar will pay your emi for the next three years you need not worry about your monthly emi, but as said everything comes with a condition.

By enrolling here you need to agree and fulfil certain conditions like meeting your assigned mileage target every month if not you have to pay your emi of that particular month.

Your car will be inspected once in a month and advertisement will replaced periodically if the need arises.

Once you are done with the contract period of three years you can remove the stickers your car is now completely yours, you can stick or paint the body as you like or continue your affiliation with Emifreecar and get a monthly rental.

This is also one of the best ways to earn a passive income or to increase your fleet in the garage.

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