How to get Gold coins for free in India?

Either during auspicious days or during the month of the festive season it is the mentality of Indians to buy property or gold.

When it comes to investment both real estate and gold plays a key role in the sentiment of Indians, to encourage this notion gold and property sellers also announcing attractive offers in the market to create an urgency of buying.

It’s not only seen as a sentimental investment but also to create a diversification retail investors choose gold as one of the avenues (specifically for middle-class investors) than any other metal because of its appreciation value.

This article how to get gold coins for free in India is all about the smartest way to save gold and get some gold coins for free throughout the year or your lifetime.

You might have heard of the jewelry outlets offering gold coins for free during the festival season for every eligible gold purchases, this is the traditional way of getting gold coins for free. This is also lucrative but not affordable by all. Because the cost of eligible purchase is higher.

But the enablement of technology powers the buyers to make a purchase through an online window or a vending machine in malls where you can choose the amount of gold you want to buy and deposit the money, immediately a gold coin will be disposed in the machine. This machine will also deliver extra gold for free during a promotional period or on festive days.

As a step ahead to the vending machine, like mutual funds you can buy the gold online from the prominent vendors and save the gold in their own locker for the desired period and get it delivered whenever you want but you have to pay the making charges to deliver it as gold coin or bar.

Paytm Gold is one of the best investment opportunities for retail investors to buy the gold in the current market rate and save it online.

I have started to invest in Paytm gold in a small amount and now my contribution towards paytm gold is increasing month on month because of the lucrative offers hitting my account.

Paytm gold frequently announces offers to get some free gold coins or a percentage of gold for free to encourage the investors to invest more. Which is ultimately lucrative for both.

Jewelry outlets offers are limited with festive seasons whereas Paytm gold provides offer throughout the year.

There are a lot of advantages for retail investors to invest in online gold saving plans like paytm gold.

  1. You can buy gold for any amount say for Rs.10 0r Rs.100 nobody can question you and don’t disclose to anyone. But you cannot buy the gold in outlets for Rs.10/-.
  2. Paytm gold offers lucrative offers even for Rs.11/- worth gold purchases, I had participated in one of the activities where I was told to buy Gold for two times worth Rs.11/- and I get extra gold worth Rs.11/-.
  3. Paytm gold gives 24×7 security to keep your gold safe. You need not worry about theft.
  4. There are a lot of cash back offers paytm runs for other products or for recharges those cashback amount can also be converted into gold in the paytm gold itself.
  5. Like mutual fund investment, you can subscribe to the gold saving plan where you will end up saving a fixed amount every month in gold.

This is the best way to get some gold coins for free from the prominent seller of India if you know any other methods to get gold coins for free please comment down below.

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