How to save extra on every online transaction

Online transactions have become quite renowned these days. Every day, millions of money are being spent on online transactions. We use online transactions mainly for online shopping and also for paying our bills.

Today, people are doing their mobile phone recharge and paying their electricity bills online. You will not have to move out of your house to pay your bills. Online shopping is also an extremely interesting affair.

Everybody around us likes to shop. Whether it is a personal need or a gift for a near and dear one, the first thing we do today is looking for the item online.

So, if you are a regular online shopper and you wish to save some amount on every purchase, then this is the place for you. Here, we have shared with you some of the online transaction hacks using which you will be able to save a lot of money on every purchase.

Use of credit cards or debit cards

Most of the E-Commerce portals offer exciting discounts if you make your payment through credit cards or debit cards. Most of the reputed online stores have collaborated with the famous banks and this, in turn, will help you to save your money.

There are special membership and loyalty programs also in some websites where you will be able to get various benefits like exclusive offers, first access to sale, additional discount and free delivery. These online shops offer exciting discounts on credit card/debit card purchases throughout the year.

The refund procedure is also relatively easier when you make your payment through a credit card or debit card. The refund amount will be directly credited to your registered bank account in a very short while.

Using online wallet offers

There are many websites like Paytm which allow the users to purchase their favorite products and get a cashback on each of their purchase

This is a very attractive offer and most people are using Paytm to pay for their product. They earn some money on each of their purchases. Paytm membership is also quite popular.

There are various membership benefits as well. Members can get higher cashback on their purchase. You will also get discount coupons on each purchase. The offer is made available to you when you make a payment.

Using coupon codes and discount coupons

Many E-commerce websites come with various coupon codes and promotional offers. You can apply these coupon codes while making payment and earn cashback on your purchase.

These coupon codes can be availed from time to time especially during the time of festivals. You may save a lot of money by using these coupon codes. However, while checking out, make sure to apply the promo code in order to get this offer.

Leaving items in the cart

Leaving your items in the cart is one of the best ways to purchase your product at a lower price. If you like a particular product and you find that it is not very affordable, then all you have to do is leave it in the cart and wait for a price drop. The website will get back to you whenever there is a price drop. This will allow you to save a lot of money on your purchase.

Using UPI payment methods

Try to make your payment using apps like Google Pay and Phonepe. These apps have become quite popular these days. You will be able to pay all your bills and make your purchase through these apps. You may also transfer money from your bank account using these apps. And if you are lucky, you may end up getting a cashback for every transaction.

Play games

Playing online games can sometimes help you to save some money. On playing these games, you may earn exciting cashback. Sometimes, you may also get discount coupons when you play games. You can use these coupons while making your payment and get a discount.

Going for app-only deals

There are many deals and offers which are only valid when you make your purchase through the app. You should always try to be on the lookout for such offers. This will help you to get a bigger discount on your purchase.

Also, you should always make a comparison between the price of a product on the website and on the app before you make a purchase. You may also get additional cashback when you buy your product through the app.

Online transactions have a bundle of advantages. You will no longer have to go out of your house to get the necessary tasks done. Also, there is no right time to shop. Shopping can be done anytime and from anywhere. Most of the time you end up saving a few extra bucks when you make online transactions. So, do try these above-mentioned methods while making online transactions. You may end up saving a lot.

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