Jobs for Women That Love Numbers
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8 Jobs for Women That Love Numbers

The corporate world is filled with career possibilities for women who enjoy crunching or calculating numbers. Businesses readily demand people with numerically adept minds for various workplace roles. The best part is that careers involving numbers and dealing with subjects like math, science, computer, and technology are well-established, well-paying, and offer incredible growth opportunities.

According to Forbes, a study conducted by IBM concluded that jobs falling under the umbrella of data science and numbers would showcase upward growth post-pandemic. Thus, it is prime time for women to approach the professional arena with their talents and skills. These women can pursue various industries and limitless roles to work with numbers. Here are eight different job opportunities for women who are looking to nurture their numerical needs:

1. Health Informatics Specialist

The world is progressing at an impeccable rate due to technological advancements. The healthcare industry demands health informatics specialists to match this pace. Health informatics specialists are responsible for showcasing exceptional computer skills and cyber security knowledge to research, implement, troubleshoot, and update systems. The profession is ideal for women interested in using their numerical skills to engage with the healthcare industry in a meaningful and supportive manner.  Additionally, staying informed about locum tenens resources can help health informatics specialists adapt to changing workforce needs and contribute effectively to healthcare systems.

2. Accountant

The most obvious career path for a woman who loves numbers in accounting. Accountancy features many different levels, all rich in numerical challenges and solutions. Several online guides explain why women in accounting do extremely well in their fields. Accountancy jobs mostly deal with maintaining day-to-day financial records, taking care of key business accounts, and preparing and advising the best possible financial strategies highlighting long-term growth.

3. Actuary

Men dominate actuarial roles in a business, but women are now making their way into the field. The job of an actuary revolves around analyzing the financial costs of a business’ risk and uncertainty using financial theories of math and statistics. If you love working with probabilities to help businesses plan for the future, actuaries are the ideal role for you. The field is also ever-growing; experts have concluded that the employment of actuaries is projected to grow 22% from 2016 to 2026 – a rate much faster than the average growth rate for other business occupations.

4. Tutor

Did you know that the gender of a teacher is a significant predictor of their effectiveness? According to several studies, women are more effective tutors than men. If you are skilled in communication and have an aptitude for numbers, you can advance your career as a tutor. Mathematics is considered one of the most popular subjects for students to seek tutoring.

Tutoring can be a great opportunity for women to share their love for numbers with others by teaching students to understand and excel in the subject. Teaching also offers women great flexibility as the career can be pursued full-time or part-time. Tutor Hunt is a great platform to explore the tutoring opportunities.

5. Auditor

Auditors are responsible for preparing and examining financial records to manage the organization’s funds. In doing so, auditors identify how the financial process can be improved to eliminate monetary waste and fraud. Women looking to make it big in finance-based occupations that deal with problem-solving must look into becoming an auditor.

6. Data/Research Analyst

Every day businesses invest massive resources into investigating complex issues, identifying inefficient processes, and addressing strategic changes to make data-driven business decisions. These strategic decisions depend on using statistical tools to effectively evaluate a company’s trends and patterns to form productive predictions. Women can do extremely well in professions revolving around mathematical conclusions and analytical processes, such as data or research analysis.

7. Financial Analyst

A financial analyst is another promising career women can pursue to succeed in the corporate world. While a BS in finance is generally needed for this type of job, the broad field consists of many different roles females can opt for, like portfolio managers, fund managers, rating analysts, risk analysts, etc. The job description of a financial analyst revolves around evaluating the investment opportunities of a business by studying current and historical financial data, economic and business trends, and company stakeholders. This evaluation helps companies gain better insight into their prospects to make well-informed decisions about the future.

8. Statistician

If you love crunching numbers for fun, the statistician role can be highly satisfying. The field revolves around developing and applying new mathematical theories and techniques to solve various business problems. A major part of a statistician’s role involves collecting, analyzing, and maintaining vast data to look for patterns, trends, and other aspects of interest. The skills of a statistician may never run out of demand as businesses are always looking for analytical solutions to solve complex problems in hopes of succeeding.


Gone are the days when women chose to become stay-at-home housewives. Women of today are challenging societal norms and going to extraordinary lengths to make it big in the corporate world. According to the latest World Bank report, women now account for 47.7% of the global workforce. Approximately 57% of women participated in the US labor workforce, as reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Now is the time if you wish to put your numerical talent to good use. Get inspired by the excellent career options mentioned above. While doing so, make sure that you fully evaluate your goals, talents, and passions to commit to a field you can be truly productive. Good luck in creating your mark in the world.

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