How to increase Facebook page likes at low cost?

Everyone now starting their own page based on their interest some starts for fun some for business but everyone’s aim is to increase their page likes to reach their news to more people. But it’s not easy to get more page likes unless you spend some thousands in a Facebook ad or posting viral content to attract more users. But here we are listing few effective ways to increase Facebook page likes at low cost.

Avoid Facebook Ad

In a race to increase more likes than your competitor doesn’t spend thousands and sometimes lakhs in a Facebook ad it’s costlier than any other promotion to get likes here we explain why.

For example when you promote your Facebook page for Rs.100/- estimated likes for Indian audience (example) only filtered with age from 15 to 65 the estimated likes will be 2-8 as per Facebook stats. But in reality, you get 30-40 page likes.

We promoted our page for Rs.100/- and we got 33 new likes means Rs.3.03/- cost per like. Which is quite costly already you are bootstrapped are you going to invest this much in increasing page likes.

Try  cost-effective ways to increase page likes

1.Money for likes

Announce paisa for likes in Facebook ask people who is ready to increase page likes for you and in return he gets money you can decide your amount for example if a guy gets 100 likes for your page you can pay Rs.50/- (Re.50/- per like) in that you can increase likes at low-cost Rs.50/- is small amount to transfer so you can recharge his mobile transfer to e-wallet.

It is a simple job for him he will invite his friends from your page and also motivates others to like your page and don’t forget to get the screenshot of Facebook notification from his account before paying him.

2.Run Contest

Announce a prize worth Rs.1000/- for those who is engaging more with your page like sharing your post, liking, commenting and inviting friends. A user with maximum engagement will win the price run this contest for continuous 10 days request them to share your contest posters more so it reaches more people they will also participate by monitoring it effectively you can get at least 500 likes which worth Rs.1000/-.

But don’t fail to celebrate the winner get his/her photo create a winner poster and make him famous so next time people will show more interest in your contest.

3.Promote in third party pages

You can request pages with more likes in niche related to yours but not your competitor’s one, pay them some amount based on the likes you get.

Do cross promotion by promoting their page in yours but they will be interested only if you have a decent number of likes.

4.Promote links

Promote your Facebook page link everywhere, on your website, email signature, Qr code on your business cards, letterheads wherever you write your business name follow it with your Facebook page link.

Promote your Facebook link in Twitter, Google plus and in other social media pages you have.


It’s the best way to increase your visibility and likes.

Find a thought leader or influencer in your industry follow his facebook page .Start commenting on the post as a “Brand page” not as the individual.Don’t make lame comments.

When you add value to the post in your comments you get likes and stay at the top not only likes people will view your facebook page and likes it.

Cool isn’t ?

Adding your facebook page like this on your blog,email signature and in every e-materials could increase your likes.

We listed only a few effective ways to increase page likes if you know more please comment down below. publishes useful and interesting topics for you follow us on Facebook and Twitter , bookmark us in social bookmarking sites.

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