Notable startups from Anna University

Our recent posts “Notable startups from Chennai” made few people think none of them are from Anna University but in that post, we listed only five startups that gained momentum in a very short period. So here we compiled this “notable startups from Anna University” to be specific it is from College of Engineering Guindy.

List of Startups from Anna University


Techruit helps job seekers to get good placements. They train,assess,connect you to the prospective employers and help you to get the job.Techruit founded by duo P.R. Madhan an electronic engineer and A.J.Balasubramanian a mechanical engineer.

2.IMMi Life

iMMi Life is a healthcare startup that uses simple, proven technology to deliver heart health advisory and emergency assistance for imminent heart attacks. Founded by Manick Rajendran did mechanical engineering.


Frilp, an online platform that helps users discover a shop or service through their friends and people recently acquired by Freshdesk Founded by Shanmuga Anandaraman Electronics and Communication Engineer Rank 1 in Tamilnadu Professional Course Entrance Examination and cofounded by Senthil K founding member of CEG Tech forum .


An Online grocery delivery app. An app which helps you to order all your daily stuffs with one click. cofounded by Thirukumaran Nagarajan an electrical and electronics engineer,Kartheeswaran K K a computer science engineer.

5.Apartment ADDA

A private social network for apartment residents,apartment management, and society accounting software for apartment association or Resident Welfare Association(RWA) or Cooperative Housing Society(CHS) cofounded by Sangeeta Banerjee an Electrical and Electronics engineer.


Linkstreet enables the full create – manage – deliver – monetize cycle for institutionalizing your knowledge and connecting people with the actionable information required to take decisions.CoFounded by Arun Muthukumar an electronics and communication engineer.


GoBumpr is your one-stop mobile app for all your Bike and Car needs – from booking a scheduled service to getting on-the-road breakdown assistance 24×7!. Cofounded by Sundar Natesan.


Genie does, as asked. From booking your tickets, delivering your groceries, automated updates on your favorite team, to satisfying that mid-day craving.Cofounded by Sreekesh Krishnan an Electronics and Communication Engineer.


WatchRx watch is an all-in-one watch+phone+gps wearable that reminds the elderly to take their meds on time and alerts their family on any missed meds.Founded by Arun K Buduri a computer science engineer.

10.UnCanny Vision Solution

UncannyVision is a startup based out of Bangalore, focused on developing optimized computer vision solutions for the embedded market.Cofounded by  Navaneethan Sundaramooorthy , a a webcomputer science engineer.

11.SP Robotics Work

SPRW’s moto has been to decrease the usage of man-power for uninteresting, unhealthy and unstable works and rather use the brains for developing technologies for the future.Founded by Pranavan SanthanaKrishnan an electrical and electronics engineer and Sneha Priya an electrical and electronics engineer both of them are from same batch 2012.


Foodmash, the web, and mobile application that enables users to order predefined combos where each course comes from a different restaurant.CoFounded by Prashant Balaji from Information Technology,Sai Vivek an electrical and electronics engineer,Saravanabalagi R from Information Technology,Praveen Selvaraj from Information Technology.

13.Employability Bridge

A smart and futuristic platform that enables companies access to eligible students and provides students the ability to understand the expectations from the companies ahead. EmployabilityBridge is the only platform that matches the expectations of both students and companies through continuous engagement. Our intelligence enables student success through participation and provides easy access to eligible students from multiple colleges in a single day through FLAG. Co-founded by Emmanuel Justus and Ambalavanan Ramachandran both Electronics & Communication Engineer from CEG.

14.Chronus Corporation

Leveraging mentoring, coaching, and other guided learning approaches, Chronus software empowers a variety of career development programs to engage employees, develop skill sets, and improve employee retention rates. Chronus cloud-based solutions are easy to start and easy to manage, saving customers time and effort while improving career development program effectiveness. Leading organizations including Coca-Cola, Staples, Georgetown University, and MetLife rely on software solutions from Chronus.Cofounded by Vetri Vellore computer science engineer.


Tesark technologies is a web development boutique based in Chennai, India. Coming from the land of software engineers and computer technicians they are not far behind and take pride in saying that thier institution churns out beautifully coded and exquisitely designed products with precision and ease. In Short they do awesome stuff based on an unparalleled level of imagination.Cofounded by Gautham Kumaresan computer science engineer.

16.VTME Consulting

An elevator consultant company, providing design, documentation and supervision assistance to the Architects, Construction Project Managers.Established by Samson Rajan Babu a mechanical engineer.

17.Brand Moustache

A creative branding & marketing agency for startups and SME business.Providing end to end design services along with top notch consulting that will make your brand stand out from your competitors with thier unique strategies and helps you prove your ROI on the marketing expenditure. They have more than 100 clients across India and 30 plus clients from USA and UAE.Cofounded by Vignesh Chinnadurai – Electronics and Communications Engineering Student – 2012 batch.


PetzApp is the ultimate mobile forum on which multiple aspects of the pet parenting process is fulfilled. You can find every pet service you need from veterinarians to pet groomers and pet trainers to even pet-friendly restaurants and hotels and book appointments with your preferred vet in an easy fashion.

Founded by Pratap Premnath did Mechanical engineering who pursued higher studies at Indian School of Management.


kCube is a global IT/GIS services and consulting company that deliver wide range of business solutions spanning across various industries.

As an end-to-end solutions provider kCube offers high-end business solutions aimed at helping customers to improve their business efficiency through open source implementations which support scaling up without proportional capital expenses.
Co-Founded by Kumaran Narayanaswamy from Geo-Informatics.

If you think we have left some kindly comment down below we add it in the list.Share this list with your friends let them know Anna University is not only producing labors but also leaders.

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