5 Google Search hacks for bloggers and marketers

Google search hacks for bloggers…hmm… I say in digital marketing these hacks are not only for bloggers but also for digital marketers to keep an eye on their competitor’s move.

You are interested right continue reading …

Google search hacks for bloggers and marketers



You know there is software where you can find backlinks for the given URL but most of them won’t list out Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter mentions but here right from social media to wherever your site (link) is mentioned google will list it.

For example when I did a search Link:socialTalky.com Google listed out the “URL” mentioned on Neil Patel’s blog comment.

Comment indexed by Google

Interesting isn’t?

This hack will help you to find where people are talking about your brand and where you should focus .Even you can perform this search for your competitor.

By knowing your competitor presence you can also follow him or go one step beyond him.

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This google search hack will help you find the articles related to the words given in the URL .

For example : if I am generating a query like this


For the above query, google will bring results wherever the words “ Techniques,increase, sales, through, facebook” are mentioned in an article  – related posts.

You can find related post for your underperforming articles to know how to improvise and make it competitive.

Updating older articles will help you to gain a better position in google indexing.

“Related:” can also be used to find the sites with similar idea or content .


For example  related:pixabay.com This will show sites similar to pixabay.com


You can also find articles related to given keywords by querying



This one will fetch you some results with the title having a word “marketing”.

You can also query using intext:marketing

This one finds the article with word marketing ,it can be in meta, body, title or at the conclusion google will fetch.

Both “allintext” and “allintitle” can also be used same as “intext” and “intitle” respectively.


To check number and kind of pages google indexing from rival website you can perform a search like this


This query will retrieve all the pages from the given particular website.

You can further refine a search like to find exactly what you want

Adding a keyword before the above syntax will do that for you.

For example Food site:thehindu.com


Will retrieve results only from hindu.com that contains keyword “Food: either in a title or in the body of the post.

Just go and try this on your competitor site.

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You can access all the information that Google knows about a single website using this syntax


It simply lists out links for accessing the resource.

Remember : The above-mentioned hacks work for images, videos ,books and apps also.

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