Drawbacks of Social Media Marketing

Social Media marketing is a buzzword among start-ups and marketers because it is a focused approach and got high ROI compared to traditional methods. But there are some advantages of traditional marketing over digital marketing here we are listing few.

People won’t remember you

If you are promoting your ad in Facebook or in other social Medias you impress them for few seconds only. You won’t get time to create an impact of your brand. Two to three seconds is the lifetime of your promotion per audience.

But think of, if you are promoting your ad at the last cover page of a book or magazine it lasts long and create an impact even for years they will remember what your brand about.

Too much advertisements

It’s not only you thriving to increase your sales even your competitors also looking for the same not only your competitors all the business putting efforts to reach more people.

Lot of sponsored contents in a single scroll makes your brand unnoticed users simply scroll and move. For example if an user scroll the timeline for 30 minutes at least 10 sponsored contents are appearing and it fails to create brand impact.

But the number of advertisements in a newspaper or magazines are limited so it helps to remember your ad if it is attractive, not only for few seconds whenever they read the paper it strikes them.

Cost more

I promoted by Facebook pages many times but I end up in spending Rs.3 or Rs.2/- for getting a single like we are spending lot to improve our page likes. But our posts won’t reach everyone it reaches only 10% of total likes by default for example when we publish a post in a page with 2000 likes hardly it reaches 200 people to reach everyone again we have to spend money which is going to lasts for few seconds on users timeline.

So if we are making two or three posts in a day we have to spend a lot to reach everyone. Please don’t have the idea if you have more likes your messages reach everyone.

It’s not only in Facebook almost all the social media platforms follows the same rule.

Instead of spending more on social Medias you can follow other methods like content marketing and article marketing.

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