5 steps to overcome problems

It was the talk show and they brought a young pretty magician to refresh the audience she started with a cute smile and continued throughout the show. She asked the crowd have you ever obsess with the question why it is happening to me “why me” crowd replied yes then she asked everyone to close your eyes and rise the hand if you are feeling “why me” .Everyone did by keeping the hands up she told to open eyes it was a shock everyone raised their hands yes it not only me its everyone. Here we are listing out 5 steps to overcome a problem.

1.Find out the problem

Some people won’t have any serious problem because they don’t have any big issues they make small into large it is the mentality of human being that problem always exist but need not be. Don’t lament simply if you are not happy to find exactly what is making you be unhappy.

2.Find out a solution

Everything has a solution like math you have to solve the problem to get pass mark same way take a time to solve the problem and pass the life. Be wise get suggestions from your close friends, get advice from your parents then you take the final decision.

3.Implement it

The problem ca be a long term or short term if it is short term be happy if it is long term don’t obsess over it .You have the solution now implement it and wait for the positive result .Whenever you get a problem has a self-boosting mantra. I always say “Everything will change” whenever I am in problem.

4.Realize the fact

Without problem, you cannot taste happiness in life you are defining some moments as happy because you have gone through tough times you knew what is a problem.

It’s not only you everyone in this world has the problem right from President to beggar we are not only equal before law but also for life the intensity may be big or small but life won’t exists without problem

5.Think Next

Always have this question with you what is next? it makes you busy and diverts you from all the problem make you think positive and helps you to find the solution for the problem.

If you are into problem don’t worry think what is next? Leave the habit of zooming every small problem.

We just scribbled 5 steps to overcome problems please share your suggestions by commenting down.





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