Hiver to turn Gmail into helpdesk

A proactive business always wanted to retain its existing customers more than acquiring a new customer. They are aware that cost of acquiring a new customer is double than retaining the existing customer.

But day by day new businesses are lining up in your niche and startups are providing attractive deals to conquer your own customers.

Despite all the short-term deal dramas when your relationship with the customer is strong nobody cannot drag him away but it’s not easy to build a relationship quickly.

All the businesses are spending more money on improving customer experience with the product or service through timely assistance.

Sticking to classical technologies won’t help businesses to retain customers, you need to incorporate modern technologies to improvise your support team effectiveness.

Helpdesks are one of the technologies to solve customer complaints faster and smarter.

Amidst a lot of complex helpdesks in the market, hiver is one of the best helpdesk tools online.

The best part of hiver is you need not a separate window or id to operate just simply turn your Gmail into helpdesk.

For example: If john writes a mail to your and Ben writes to you can bring both the mail to your Gmail account and write a reply from there.

Like other helpdesks, you can also add agents to attend specific function related complaints.

Sales related query can be forwarded to your sales agent and if the customer needs tech support you can forward it your tech team.

More than simply assigning the task here you can monitor what your assigned agents are doing with the ticket, how much time they are taking and the status of the ticket like pending or completed.

Besides you can also guide your agents to provide a right solution or add two or more skilled agents or urge them to take swift action by simply adding comments without disturbing the customer’s statement.

Unlike other helpdesks Hiver is simple to use and install. No hours of special instruction needed for your agents to work on hiver it is self-explanatory and understandable easily.

One click to install hiver

How to install hiver

Just go to their website” and click “Install Hiver for Gmail

To install Hiver

You will be asked to install chrome extension just click ok

Once you are done with the installation now you need to create an account and add shared mailboxes details.

Fill company details

Hiver side window will be appearing on your Gmail once are done with account creation.

Hiver window on Gmail

A small chat like a window on your Gmail implies successful installation of hiver.

Henceforth whenever you receive a mail from your customer to or you will start receiving on your Gmail under Unassigned on your right side which can be later assigned to the respective agent.

Once the mail is assigned it will be copied to your teammate’s mailbox and disappeared from Unassigned.

Add a number of users based on your plan later by clicking settings->Add User.

Hiver works fine in mobile also hence save your business on the go.

Shared email templates

Exclusive templates can be created and shared among your teammates. You can use this email templates while composing or replying to an email in Gmail.

Shared Labels

Sharing labels with your teams power up the hiver usage. Emails with shared labels will be delivered to agents in the same pool.

Though hiver provides limited features it is a fit for small businesses and startups. Join for free trial no credit card required.

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