5 effective tips for field sales executive

Field sales executive one of the toughest jobs in business with high attrition rate companies are trying to retain their field sales executives through bond or through high salary and perks. It is the individual wish and commitments to stay in this kind of job.

Some companies comfort them by reducing the work timings and work on incentive basis but on other hand some companies are monitoring their field sales executive by installing GPS in their mobile and keeps on tracking them.

This job involves both mental and physical stress it needs lot of traveling if you are doing it in bike then wearing helmets, weather, pollution make your day tough. If you are doing in Car then you have to worry about the level of traffic inside city but you can take rest at any time.

So here I am writing 5 effective tips for field sales executive to combat weather, pollution and stress.

1.Change your attire

To combat weather conditions you need to cover your body completely. Some companies are providing T-shirts for their sales people mostly start-ups which is not easy to wear in all weather conditions and salespeople may also worry about tanning.

Covering your hands fully and using gloves for your hands will reduce tanning which is the effect of Ultraviolet rays from sunlight.

2.Use sun combaters

Use sunscreens, since the exposure is high use SPF 30, SPF 60 and SPF 90 rate varies from grade to grade buy a one and starts using it daily it helps you to prevent from tanning .


Exposing to sunlight will dehydrate you easily you will lose your energy if you are dehydrated to keep you hydrated have a bottle of water with you always and keep on refilling it I customers place.

Take lot of fruit juices lime juice will help you medically lot to combat summer.

4.Don’t wear helmet continuously

Wearing helmet continuously make your scalp sweaty and may leads to hair loose .Cover your head with cloth before you wear helmet. Remove and have a free air flow once in one hour.

5.Take rest

Don’t ride your bike or continuously once in one hour take 10 minutes rest and then continue else you may get severe pain in your spinal chord and you get tired soon.

Do yoga and exercise for half an hour daily to make your life healthy and wealthy.

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