Discounts and offers for food from FoodonTips

Foodontips is an app for finding discounts and offers in restaurants. Currently available in Bangalore and will be opening in Hyderabad soon. The app has exclusive offers from restaurants that aren’t available in other apps.Whether it’s a family weekly dinner night or business lunch, Users just have to fire up Foodontips on a mobile or laptop, select a restaurant with a good offer, confirm the booking and arrive. It is really quite simple. No need to pay a penny before the meal. Nothing changes in whole experience, and users save money without any conscious effort. Users don’t have to worry about payment, they only need to enjoy the meal.

As for restaurateurs, they improve their revenue with our easy to use features of timed   discount, coupon generation. They can pamper their favorite patrons with customized discounts. They can use it completely in the confines of the browser, or emails without the need for another app. Foodontips is available on google play and Apple store.

What made us to think?

So there we were, sitting in a diner we frequently dined at. We used to call the owner “uncle”.The bill came and it looked less that what was usually billed. We asked uncle the reason. He replied, “You are my favorite customers!!!” It felt good, not only the way uncle had thought of us as his “favorite” customers but also his “gift”. It was then we thought, how can we make foodies and restaurateurs connect, reward each other. We reminisced how good it feels,getting something in return for what you enjoy, and a rare thing nowadays in a world where nothing is free. This is the exact moment we conjured up FoodonTips.

Problem addressed by FoodonTips

Bangalore alone has around 8000 restaurants and other metros add up to 40000 restaurants.Indians are really lucky when it comes to availability of tasty food but sadly unlucky in terms of costs. Dining out takes a toll on the wallet. Restaurateurs are also not worthy of blame, they have to charge premium to balance out off-peak hours. Foodontips aims to solve both the problems and makes it a win-win for everyone.

So now you can fill your stomach without emptying your wallet.Comment down your suggestion on FoodonTips to help them grow in their niche.

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