Why you should not complain about your life ?

A critic is often like a back seat driver who drives the driver mad (copied).If you feel proud that you are a critic first analyse your critic before you do that whether it is positive or negative critic if it is positive you will be liked by them but if it is negative you will be ignored by them.

It’s not only criticising others effort or life but also complaining and criticising your own life and efforts.

As a normal human being we are complaining about our life each and every day sometimes we feel for it and worry inside but sometimes we share it with our parents and make them also feel bad.

Some people complain on their relationship, wealth, health, jobs, studies, business, future, family, relatives. There are some people who don’t have anything compared to you.

You would have seen lot of physically challenged people begging in public places like temple, railway station and bus stand. They simply complain about their life and using their physique to gain mercy from public and converting it into money to survive.

But simply think of Nick Vujicic he is also physically challenged by birth, is he complaining about his birth? Is he criticising his God? Is he blaming his parents for his nature? No, but he is using it in a positive way to motivate people who are all emotionally challenged .You know there are lot of physically challenged people in the world .Do you remember anyone or the world talking about anyone who is begging in railway station ? No but the world talks about Nick because of his attitude towards life.

You can find the solution to your problems by simply accept it, change it, and repeat it.

Accept that you have a problem ,don’t try to pretend that you don’t have any problem, you can hide it from others because 50% of people will be happy that you have a problem ,49% of people don’t care about yours they got lot to do, and the remaining 1% is where your family and trust worthies fall. But don’t cheat yourself that you don’t have problem accept and embrace it, you feel happiness only if you feel the sadness, so it is good for life.

I still remember that when I shared my problem with few of friends I realized some of them are not even care about me and two supported me since then I understood it very well and I stopped sharing my problem to every people I know but to selective .

Once you accepted the problem try to find the minute detail which is making you to feel worry and try to change it. If you are worrying about your job go and find some other job, if you are getting low wage go and speak to your manager by showing what you did, if you have a crush on a girl be a confident guy to tell her that you are in love , just open up to your father about your boyfriend, failed in the exams? Simple you have the second chance to vomit.

Elon musk wanted to make a new payment gateway for online transaction he created PayPal, He wanted to fly cheaper in space so he introduced SpaceX, He wanted to drive an electric car so he found Tesla Motors, He wanted better transport so he created Hyperloop. But Elon never complained about the world he is changing the world .The best solution to your problem is you, you are the only person who knows what the problem is and to your surprise you know what is the solution.

A boy studying in school knows how to get first rank ,simple if he studies or work little bit extra he can do it but knowing the solution also he doesn’t do that but simply complain if he fails in exams. Ordinary people complain extraordinary people change it, so be the change at least in your life.

Once you found the solution just keep the consistency and repeat that in your life whenever you encounter problem. Just take a deep breathe simply whenever you hear a problem.

Have a maturity in handling problem just receive it, accept it and don’t react be a responsible and respond to it take your time to solve it. Don’t become slave to it successful people never worry about it they make success as a slave. Have a control over your life.

I have faced lot of problems in life right from my schooling to job but simply facing it and trying to find the solution earlier before it take control of me. I can say before one year I was simply complaining about my first job but after reading a lot I learnt finding the right solution is the way not complaining if I don’t like the job I have to move from it I should not stay there and talk like ordinary people now I am happy with what I am doing.

You would have heard about this statement many times “The best way to solve the problem is to accept”.




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