How to make your girlfriend happy?

Are you in relationship and trying to make your girlfriend and failed sometimes then this post can give you some basic girlfriend tips in which way you should approach.

  1. Talk to your girl find out what she likes and do lots of that.
  2. Talk to your girl find out what she doesn’t like and don’t do that.
  3. Be yourself: Don’t try to be the third person or someone else, she loves you for what you are and that makes her happy. Don’t try to make her happy by not being you.
  4. Be loyal: honesty is the best policy, follow the same to your girl if she finds you are loyal to her she will love you more and happiness happens automatically.
  5. Open up: be expressive if you want to tell something be the first don’t be shy or procrastinate .Women are automatically more attracted too guys who make an effort to start the conversation, showing initiative and consistency.
  6. Respect her: Don’t take her granted, respect her dreams, her choices and her views. Believe me if you don’t respect her be ready to get the same in return.
  7. Surprise her: Girls love to be surprised, it can be anything you can surprise her with flowers it will be romantic.
  8. Make her laugh: crack some boyish jokes, she loves to laugh with the guy she likes, she will definitely enjoy it.
  9. Listen to her: Listen to her if she speaks to you let her to complete don’t interrupt be calm and listen to her once she is done then you start your views.
  10. Space for her: Give a space for her don’t try to control her much you are not the only one in her life she got lot of stuff to do.
  11. Spend time for her: Spend enough time for her even though you are surrounded by work if you couldn’t make it let her know.

Happiness starts from inside its not outside make her to know that her happiness is within her.

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