5 Best places to do ambient marketing

Ambient marketing is also falls on OOH (out of house ) marketing category which is scripted to attract people when they are outside their house .Traditional way of advertisements like Radio and TV advertisement helps you to promote when they are inside their home but when they are out you have to try different marketing strategies to attract your client.

Rather than simply displaying billboards, signage and distributing flyers you can try to surprise your brand to make your audience spread the word about your campaign. 

Speaking with Chris from Voodoo Neon she said there are heaps of ways to improve the attract customers, but the tried and true method of bright neon signage stands out.

There are lot of places to do ambient marketing but they won’t be surprised unless you surprise them so make sure it is interesting. Here we are listing out few places which could make your brand trending.

1.Toilet for ambient marketing

Nowadays right from shopping malls to theatres they are displaying digital signage which displays motion pictures in toilets. Let the average time for a healthy man to urinate is 10-20 seconds you can utilize this 20 seconds to display your ad it will definitely create a brand impact and there is a chance of spreading the word.

2.Coffee cups      

The average time to drink a coffee is 10-20 minutes and it varies depends on the size of the cup and hotness of the coffee so here you got a chance to make your audience look at your brand for 10-20 minutes you can put your QR code for easy scanning and take them to your landing page which could help you to convert.

When we tried printing our college cultural messages on cups and carry bags it attracted huge audience and made the campaign successful.

3.Traffic signal

You can use your creativity on Zebra crossing or utilize your brain to attract your audience with digital signage when they are waiting for signal to cross the road .Let the average time be 30-100 seconds depending on the traffic condition you can make their waiting time pleasant by displaying your digital signage interestingly.

4.Inside Busses and trains

The best opportunity to make travellers obsess about your brand is to make use of their travel time. Travellers either peer out or simply gaze the interior you can display your ads to create an impact. This gives you an opportunity to connect with your customers for more than hours.

It’s not only busses and trains you can put a mini digital signage inside cabs also.


Not only inside the lift but also on the door and nearby places, in big shopping malls and hotels people need to wait to wait for few seconds to minutes so utilize thise time to anchor your brand in their thought.

There are lot of places to do effective ambient marketing but make sure people are spending time to see your ad. Don’t simply display messages put your creativity to make it interesting wherever possible create motion pictures in digital billboards.

6.Appeal to the Social Media masses.

According to Jess and Custom Neon, there are almost 2.9 billion social network users globally and that number is still on the increase! If you think about how many selfies that equates to, the number is staggering! With this in mind, you’d ideally want to come up with an ambient marketing campaign that is selfie worthy, rent a mobile screen for effective marketing.

Spotify executed this perfectly with a month long installation at a New York City subway station to celebrate the life of David Bowie. The campaign featured a giant portrait of the star, which soon began popping up all of social media feeds.

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