5 effective roadside marketing ideas

If your customers are inside their house then you can approach them through traditional ways like Television and Radio but if they are outside their house you need to make them remember your brand so out of door advertising is important for successful campaigns. Here we are listing 5 effective roadside marketing ideas for successful campaigns. We are focussing on exteriors rather than interiors.

1.On cabs

You can display your brand on cabs on agreement basis or on one time settlement. But branded cabs won’t accept your request so try to approach local players and autos to display your brand. Since they roam inside the city it is one of the effective techniques.


Roadside billboards are effective when you choose the right place .For example if your competitor is before you geographically display a billboard with a special deals and remind them an important landmark near your store by doing this you can drive a sales to your store than to competitor.

But on other hand if you are before your competitor geographically add some creativity in your billboards or you can display deals.

But never ever display a plain boards with your brand name and contact information.

3.Informatory boards

This is one of the stealth marketing ideas where you can steal your customer’s attention by helping them. For example displaying your brand in informatory boards like displaying nearby petrol banks, school zones, hospitals and other needful information for road travellers. This is will create positive impact but be relevant in sponsoring the right information boards.

4.Plant a tree

Plant a tree along the road side and put your board like sponsored by “X brand “with a creative quote this technique also creates positive impact more than being business.

5.On road

You can display your brand with some creativity on roads this will attract huge attention among travellers .You can show your creativity on Zebra Crossing or before stopping line in signals or on slopes etc. but simple displaying of your brands won’t create any impacts need lot of creativity to make them obsess with your product.


Please share your suggestions on this 5 effective roadside marketing techniques .If you know few other please comment down we will extend the list.

Approaching an experienced marketing agencies will help you to implement your roadside marketing ideas

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