How to find the Best Content Writers in Chennai?

Disclaimer: Though this article targets the small business owners in Chennai to find the best content writers in Chennai, the core idea of finding the best content writers applicable universally.

Actually, why do you need to find the best content Writers to promote your brand? Is it that much important? Yes. Data says, 93% of buying journey starts searching online and 71% of buyers prefer to buy from the business which provides the solution, not the sales pitch.

To appear as a thought leader content marketing is one of the best cheap solutions available for small business to gain the customer loyalty.

If you are a bootstrapped business you may think why do I need the best content writers, why can’t I? Continue reading to know why.

Reading online is different from reading for pleasure”, in online people look for specific content what they are searching for. Only 20% of the content is read and remaining 80% is skimmed.

Online readers need a different treatment than pleasure readers. To give a special treatment we need an expert in the field. To be an expert or to find an expert we need to know something and the importance of the field.

You might have come across the popular saying, “How do you recruit people for the job if you have never done the job before”. So this post is created with an agenda of helping small business owners to find best content writers in Chennai not to notify where to find them.

Content marketing has become the critical online marketing strategy for any brands to tell their stories. Specifically, online content marketing has become the vital tool for small business owners to communicate with their audience.

Big brands with big pocket look for branding so they prefer outbound content marketing like newspaper advertisements, hoardings, and Television commercials their idea is to generate both brand visibility and leads whereas the small business owners need leads to run their business not branding.

Because it is cost effective and easy to operate bootstrapped businesses are completely relied on online content marketing strategy.

Content can be in any form images, videos, text, infographic, etc., a media file you create to tell your story is content.

Based on your vision and mission you need to choose the right medium to tell your story. Ideally, I would suggest making use of all the formats to cover your dispersed audience.

After reading many articles and visualizing the success rates of the blog start-ups started adopting blogging as a vital way to promote their content. Thanks to WordPress.

Blogging is chosen to secure a rank in the search page result for a selected keyword. But in 20xx you cannot say that your audience is searching only on Google, nowadays people started searching on Youtube as the second largest search engine. Searchers using exactly the same phrase to search on Youtube and willing to learn visually. Why don’t you make a Youtube channel?

It’s not only Google SRP and Youtube other social media platforms are also equally important to cover up the targeted eyeballs like Slideshare, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and many.

Both Slideshare and Pinterest are the under-estimated marketing tool by Indian digital marketers. Actually the lifetime of your content on Pinterest is higher than any other medium which means the higher ROI.

If you are willing to open a Pinterest business account then this small ebook “Pin on Pinterest” where the importance of Pinterest, Aiding tools, Tips and Tricks are discussed with examples will be helpful for you.

Ideally, I would suggest you to have a presence in all the media at least it helps in getting your business index in search result page. By default Pinterest boards, Slideshare presentation, Facebook Pages are indexed by Google for the keywords related to your business.

Below is the most famous social networking sites worldwide rankedby active users (in millions) by Statista.

The motto behind the creation of any online content is to make people share your content so that you get the maximum out of it. But to make the content shareable it has to address your customer’s grievances or satisfies their expectation or funny or educating.

As I mentioned earlier online readers are different from pleasure readers they need a different treatment from a different master.

Many saas companies understood the importance of content writers so they started a separate editorial team to write and community managers to manage the account.

If you are a small business owner you might have already worn hats with multiple feathers, please don’t add one more feather to your hat. Find the best content writers or hire an agency.

When it comes to finding freelancers or agencies for any job, commonly we will go through their portfolio and testimonials.

But here in this post, we discuss the traits of best content writers so that you can find the best content writers in Chennai, it’s not about where to find.

Traits of the best content writers

1.”Readers don’t mind how your vocabulary is” You might have read some articles in the newspaper or in online blogs which you cannot understand the sentence without the help of a dictionary. Referring the dictionary frequently will spoil the mood of reading the passage.

Actually using tough words never going to boost your brand image or it solves the idea of content creation.

Research says your content should be as simple as the 11th-grade student should able to read and understand the business communication.

It is the content writer’s mindset that using complex sentences will give them elite stature though it is, the best content writers try to communicate it in a simple language.

2. Best content writers know SEO, you are hiring them to write for the web. The return on investment of your content will be higher when it is crafted with SEO.

SEO people will look for one related keyword and design the content around the specific keyword, though it doesn’t reflect on your search traffic immediately, in the long run, it will effect.

Having a long-term plan in the mind is very important in any investment you make, believe me, content writers with SEO knowledge can deliver that.

SEO is vast and SEO content optimization is just a leaf. I am not an SEO expert but super strong in optimizing a content that’s the reason many of my articles hit Google first page for many competitive keywords which ultimately brings me more business through sponsored content.

3.Subject knowledge of the content writers, they may be good in picking and organizing the right words to make the content readable but if your content fails to educate the audience then you will lose the chances of being a thought leader.

For example, if you are a real estate company you need the best content writers with in-depth real estate knowledge, only then you can top the game.

Listening to what is happening on the internet is important to adhere to the trend.

Tips for Successful content marketing  

 1.Measure the effort

It’s not only content marketing in any marketing you need to define the purpose, measure the effort and evaluate it.

Check whether your contents are yielding the best result as per your definition.

2.Plan for Long-term

Always have a longer vision in your marketing plans that too especially in content marketing.

For example, if you are looking for best content writers to curate a content for your blog, this content will take many months to yield the result but you have to wait patiently.

3. Enjoy doing content marketing

Don’t push yourself and invest in content marketing because your competitors are doing just enjoy the pleasure of educating your audience through the piece of content.

The reader may not be your immediate client but for sure in future.

4.Engage with individuals on their own terms

Don’t create content for what you want to say create content for what your consumers want to hear or read.

Don’t copy the message from your competitors create content based on the interaction with real buyers.

5.Be channel specific

You cannot share the same content on all the platforms. Each platform need different treatments, a blogging content needs to be detailed and one-stop solution for what your customers are searching for.

A social media post should be crisp and address the current trend in your business.

Be specific for what you are creating.

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