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Most of the time people are confused with online trading as they feel it is unsafe. But just like offline trading, it is also secure and gives the platform to explore trading options. At present, we have a brilliant platform called as for online trading where you can trade even on weekends as it works 24*7. The platform also offers free login and account creating option.


Founded in 1991, is a platform for trading binary options in the financial market with the help of this platform. It was one of the oldest and most trustworthy online trading platform in the market. The website has been used by traders to trade in currency, stocks, commodities, etc. and that too available 24 hours of a day are a good initiative. This firm is controlled by  the regulators of Malta, Malaysia and Great Britain, aa if any issue when arises can be dealt effectively.  

Account Types: offers vast and several accounts which provide trade binary options as a whole. There are 2 major criteria in account types. They are – Binary options and MetaTrader5. It basically serves the traders the platform, it needs for personal trading.

Presence of traders around World:

If we talk about the geography of traders associated with, then we must acknowledge it around the world. As most of traders associated with it are from different parts if the world. A quick overview of traders and their country are:

1. Brazil – 19.41%

2. South Africa – 12.84%

3. Togo – 11.74%

4. Sri Lanka – 6.27%

5. Ghana – 4.73%

6. Bahamas – 4.61%

7. Mexico – 4.39%

8. Nigeria – 4.34%

9. Ecuador – 3.3%

10. Russian Federation – 2.75%

11. Others – 25.62%

Brokers for Binary Options:

There were several ways to judge the binary option brokers, but what suits best is to explore the to the fullest. Go with the reviews posted on the website  and compare the data to other Binary brokers. Traders can opt this for more reason, which is its low minimum deposit. Also, traders go with commission, assets, type of trading, etc. Which is best in as compared to other available options.

How to open account:

Any traders can register itself on with the help of a binary broker through trader union. For this, traders should visit the official website and register itself to start trading. One should know that, Binary Brokers are those who offers trader additional options, quotes and information on a minimal rate. The rates with which you can start trading on is 5$, which attract the news traders as well.

Advantages and Disadvantages of

Like everything, also has some pros mad cons which a trader should know before start trading with this. They  are:

1. The company’s existence is  from a long time and is very much a good reason for traders to choose it on the basis of functionality in the market.

2. There is availability of regulator who help traders since more than 20 years and also offer great trading conditions too.

3. Most of the time profit goes above 1000% on basic contract and touch/No – Touch situation of trading.

4. There is a glitch on the platform sometimes and there is no cent account too.

5. There is no online help available to assist the traders online instantaneously.

6. One thing which attract traders to is the payment. There are a number of payment  options available like Visa, MasterCard, maestro, Jeton, Airtm, etc.


Overall, it can be said on that due to the low minimum deposit of 1$-5$ and low risk associated, traders can give it a try on the merit and performance basis. Due to its reliability and performance, it comes under the heading of right broker for traders.

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