4 simple ways to motivate your employees through WhatsApp

Both corporates and startups are adopting WhatsApp as an official platform to communicate.

But employees are somewhat frustrated about the number of groups corporates are creating. Once in two months creating new groups with people from existing groups but for a different purpose.

Managers to show their authority creating a group and compelling employees to participate in the group discussions. But simple discussions alone can’t rope in your employee’s attention, managers need to think out of the box.

Here I am suggesting 4 simple and easy ways to motivate your employees through WhatsApp. This is one of the best ways to motivate the sales team.

How to motivate your employees through WhatsApp?

4.Encourage your employees to send personal messages

If any employee has done something innovative or your salespeople achieved more than the target immediate managers can request their super  managers to send a personal message to motivate him also encourage colleagues to appreciate the effort done by the salesman or in any other function.

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3.Recognise before everyone

My manager recently started following this and I could see the increased responses from employees. Appreciating the individual before everyone for example if a salesperson cleared his outstanding then we motivate him by appreciating in the groups not personally this got more effect than sending a personal messages because we don’t know how many of your employees send appreciation messages so when you recognise his work in group it will be seen by everyone it boosts him more.

2.Show what he did in status

As a part of an appreciation, you can keep in short form what he achieved as a group name for one or two weeks so others will also try to get their name in group title.

1.Change the group display picture

Obviously, you can keep the achiever image as a group display picture for defined period or unless someone breaks the record. Remember one thing by recognising one’s work you are not only appreciating the achiever but also motivating others to achieve the same. So motivate your employees as much as you can.

If you have any suggestions please comment down let’s discuss on this.If you know any other different way to motivate employees through WhatsApp please comment down .

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