5 effective tips to enhance your business card

Business cards are given to your customers are interchanged with suppliers as a formal introduction to each other’s business. But the white stock with black printed need not to be a visiting card rather you can drive leads through your business cards by adding effective details. Here I am putting down 5 effective tips to enhance your business card.

1.Add your flagship product

Don’t leave your business card blank back side rather display your flagship products or give a hint about your allied products or write a line why they should try you or display your lifetime offer for that customer with business card.

Because everyone is leaving back blank you need not to follow the same use it effectively.

2.Write down your achievement

You can mention your achievement either in iconic form or in less than five words.

For example if your company is 100 years old then put an icon saying 100 years old. If you were the first one introduced the service or product write a sentence on the card. You can also mention the award you won from third party as an appreciation.

By displaying your achievements in your business card will help your customer to choose you amidst competition.

3.Print Qr code

Rather than mentioning your website details and social media links you can display a QR code which is an easy access for smartphone users. Below the QR code mention your social media handle also.

You can also drive leads by printing QR code for a specific landing page.

4.Make it attractive

Need not to follow the same old fashioned method of printing on a white card with black colour ink add some creativity either in design or the way you display the information.

Do not display icons other than your logo , I have seen some cards with truck icons ,gravels and so on .You can use but don’t display too much of images.

You are devotional, but try to avoid religious symbol in your business card because your customer may not be worshipping the same God you do so avoid it.

5.Clear communication details

Obviously business cards are for communication, three details are mandatory.

Email address, Mobile Number and Communication address.

If any spelling mistake is there do not overwrite go for new cards with error free details.

Do not make the communication address short it should be a postal address means if they are sending you a post it should reach you. Additional to postal address you can also mention a landmark to reach your office.

If you are mentioning your landline number please add code number to be added to reach you and if it is a mobile number don’t fail to add country code.

If you feel I missed out something please comment down I will add it up.

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