Free IT Helpdesks for small business

IT helpdesks help your customer to fix his problems related to service or product at a remote distance.

Why you need it Helpdesk?

You cannot write the same replies to the same issue raised by different customers. An individual cannot solve all the queries so you need to categorize tickets. Timely response is more important in this competitive world.

Much more benefits are there in integrating helpdesks in your business. But some small businesses cannot afford to pay big cheque on single software so to help you out I am compiling free helpdesk software forever for your business.

List of free IT Helpdesks for small businesses


Not only their own team even their valuable customers feel and rank Freshdesk as the number one customer support system or rather call as helpdesk software with many integrated features. Its software and customizability increasing their customer base across the planet.

Freshdesk supports small businesses with their free plan in which you can have up to three agents free forever.

Awesome features

1.Social Support 2.Mobile App
3.FreshChat 4.FreshFone
5.Gamification 6.Automation
7.Satisfactory Survey 8.FreshThemes

Watch out this video to understand them better.


2.Zoho Support

It’s another supporting tool for small businesses from ZOHO corp.

Zoho support is the web based system which doesn’t require installation and maintenance ultimately you can reduce maintenance cost for the software.

The free plan includes unlimited agents with email support but with limited features you can signup for your business without a credit card and start supporting your customers.

Awesome Features

1.Email inbox 2.Knowledge Base
3.Community forms 4.Customizable web portal
5.Domain mapping 6.Basic reports with custom fields

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Free simple it helpdesk software with automated ticket routing and assignments. Suitable for simple tickets and incident managements.

In free plan, you can one agent forever without expiration but features so limited compared to premium plan.

Awesome Features

1.Ticket Management 2. Incident and problem management.
3.SLA management 4.Performance reports
5.Knowledge base


4.Service Helpdesk Plus

How do you feel if you get a helpdesk for obsoletely free with an unlimited number of technicians, tickets, and users? Is it great isn’t?

Servicedesk Plus important features

Compared other platforms service helpdesk provides many features in their free plan. It doesn’t matter your small business holds few or more customers you can use this service free.

Awesome Features

1.Knowledge Base 2.Self service portal
3.User surveys 4.Automatic ticket dispatcher.
5.Notification 6.Preventive maintenance.
7.Holiday and operational hour 8.API integration
9.Reporting system. 10.Request templates.



OsTicket is a self-hosted free software which gives you full access to solve your ticket raised by your customers.

You need your own database server to install this helpdesk.

Simple to understand and easy to process the complaints.

Awesome Features

1.custom fields 2.RichTextHtml
3.Ticket Filters 4.Help Topics
5.Auto responder 6.Internal notes

 In self-hosted service, you need to fix your own breaks and no maintenance provided.


Again a free self-hosted software to support your customer. Like other helpdesks, this one also holds all the basic features to solve the raised tickets.

You can have only 3 agents in their free plan forever. To extend the size you need to extend your hand with some dollars on your hand.

Awesome features

1.Email into help desk request 2.Ticket Management
3.Canned responses 4.Reports.
5.Automation 6.Email integration
7.Custom Branding 8.Knowledge management
9.self Service 10.API integration

Helpdeskz is a PHP based software which helps you to support your customer with a web-based supporting system.

Self-hosted software with features to solve all your client’s ticket.

Awesome Features

1.Tickets into Groups 2.Canned Responses
3.Custom Fields 4.Bulk Actions
5.Knowledge base 6.MultiLanguage
7.Email Piping 8.Template Customization



Spiceworks is a free its helpdesk comes with free network inventory, network monitor and with some free apps.

Free downloadable self-hosted helpdesk.

Includes all the basic features like other helpdesks.




They promise no typical helpdesk obstruction will exist .They gave importance to customer profiles and integrations.

They provide unlimited users, storage, and messages in free service.

Awesome Features

1.Billing,sales, and service in one place 2.Tagging, Notes, Collision detection.
3.Automated actions 4.Bulk Replies
5.Live chats 6.40+ integrations.


Hope this article helps you to find the suitable helpdesk for your small business which is going to grow big in near future.

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