Things successful bloggers have on their blog right bar

5 Things Successful Bloggers have on their Blog Right Bar

The right sidebar has to be given more importance than to any other spots on the blog since it is one of the constants amidst changes on many blogs. Bloggers need to modify and place right contents to impress their desktop viewers more than mobile users. Right sidebar also contributes as equal as a header or middle content section in generating ad clicks.

After analyzing some successful blogging sites here I am writing down the 5 things you should have on your blog right bar.

5 things you should have on your blog right bar

1. Navigation links

This one is very important to compel your viewer to spend some extra time on your blog. You can display your navigation links in any form like displaying categories, Recent posts, most popular , Trending posts your ultimate intention is to motivate your reader to open few more posts other than the one which brought him to your site.

Hit your brain to give some inducing heading for your navigation bar.

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2. Place your ad

It is good to place your ad on the top portion of the right sidebar. It got more potential to generate clicks than being on the bottom portion.

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Just go to any successful blogging site you will find an ad either in the first position or in the second position on the right sidebar. Really it will generate clicks and impression. Placing the ad on the top is preferable.

3. Display community

Show off your social Medias community strength and request them to join the community. You can use WordPress plugins for all the networks or use exclusive plugins like Facebook like box, twitter newsfeed or Pinterest widget. This one help you to increase your subscribers and also to show how active you are on social Medias.

Don’t restrict yourself with one or two platforms stretch your brain add five to six .Some of the traffic driving platforms are Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Reddit, Digg, Flipboard, Delicious, Instagram, WhatsApp etc., these platforms are widely used by emerging and established bloggers to promote their content.

4. Show your face

Revealing authors identity using authors widget is important to get your viewers bit closer to you than being anonymous. Use an attractive image with interesting 10 lines to introduce yourself to the viewers. Adding your handles help you to increase your personal followers base.

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5. Viewers engagements

You can display viewer’s latest comments to attract other viewers to dive in. You can also display your subscriber’s appreciation messages, suggestions, guest post etc., to motivate new viewers to engage with your blog.

These are the five things found on the most successful blogs you can also try this out on your blog if it works, great! Else customize based on your content and audience. publishes useful and interesting topics for you follow us on Facebook and Twitter ,bookmark us in social bookmarking sites.

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