Increase Sales through Facebook in 2021

If you are reading this post then you know it very well Facebook is not a mere platform to share memes and videos but also can increase sales through Facebook to your e-commerce store or traffic to your blog.

I promise you here I am not going to talk about the boring things like start a group, open a new page add post and share as much as possible these topics already overlooked here I tell few alternate ways to drive sales.

Excited!!! Continue reading I clearly explain with examples.

Ways to increase sales through Facebook

1.Facebook Store

Do you know one thing? You can close the sale on Facebook without taking your customer to your website.

You can display your products on Facebook page by integrating Facebook store on your business page.

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A perfect content marketing will take your audience to your page which may end up in conversion.

How to setup Facebook store?

It doesn’t require any coding skills or deep learning all you have to do is to select the service providers like zepo, Shopify or ecwid. Download the app and start uploading your products it’s like working on WordPress.

The Facebook store is mobile optimized and can close the deal from the Facebook app itself.

Shopify and Zepo got a free trial period but ecwid gives you the free product with limited features so being a beginner you can try ecwid.

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2.Add shop now button on Page

Make your call to action as Shop now on your page and link it to your e-commerce store.

Go to your page and click on the call to action button and change it to Shop Now if not.

Edit Call to Action Button

Then edit the button by clicking Edit Button option on the drop down. Enter a correct destination URL in the URL box

By doing this you can take your page visitors to your store.

3.Make a commercial post

Facebook introduced an option to integrate Get offer Button on your commercial post.

Click Offer tab

For example: If you are announcing an offer just go to your page and announce the offer with Get offer Button which directs them to the landing page.

Complete this window and click create Offer

Click “Offer ,Event + tab” a drop down opens click “Offer” a window popup then complete the required details on the window and click Create Offer.

Once you are done this commercial post will reach your page fans as your regular post and could increase the sale. You can also promote this post to sell more.

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Bonus Point

Find where your potential customers are gathering or spending more time on Facebook it can be a group, page or related events find where they are and implement your strategy there.

We need to engage with other pages to bring more page fans and later convert to customers. But to bring more page fans do comment,like and write a post on popular pages in your niche as a page, not as an individual .

Continuous engagements will dramatically bring the most loyal audience. publishes useful and interesting topics for you follow us on Facebook and Twitter ,bookmark us in social bookmarking sites.

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