How to do self promotion?

How to do self promotion? It’s not only your product or business needs promotion but also you need to promote your name, personality, character in the market to boost your opportunity to get the job or to drive more sales to your business. Have you ever noticed two salesmen selling the same product but from different companies pitching the product to you but you are going with one person though the price, quality, service everything is same because while pitching that one salesman attracted you more than the another one? He created an impact on you and your brain forcing you to take this decision. Promoting your name in the market is also equally important as promoting your product.

Another example: Your competitor is more famous than you in the market everyone knows him right from suppliers to customers, so he drives more sales than you and also purchases materials at reduced rates than you do. But you couldn’t do that because you are not popular in your loop.

It’s not only in business if you are an author it helps you to sell more books if you are looking for a job it helps you to overhaul others in the interview and increase your job opportunities. So here I am jotting down how to do self promotion.

5 effective tips on how to do self promotion

1.Publish Articles

I am insisting this point in many of my posts because I realized and experiencing publishing post in LinkedIn is the best way to be noticed by others. I am writing more on sales and marketing, career guidance and blogging. Everyday number of followers are slowly increasing and at least once in a week people approaches me to market their business or mobile apps. Not only this, people started viewing my profile in a private mode which is a positive sign that you are growing. That unknown may be a recruiter, may be my competitor, may be a celebrity but that doesn’t matter, it’s all about whether you are creating impact or not by your words.

You can write any number of posts related to your subject but don’t copy and paste anything .You read and put down your observations or easy way of performing a task .There should be something in it for your readers.

So writing posts in LinkedIn or writing a blog is the best way to promote yourself among professionals.

2.Start a page

If you a have any extra skills like photography, drawing or singing create a page for you in your name, not with any random verb. This helps people to recognize you as a brand.

If you have something really good for your fans then they do the rest to make you popular but initially, you need to promote your page.

Even in your business if you have a deep knowledge in any one of the fields you can publish post and increase followers. By doing this you may also become an independent consultant.

3.Be active online and offline

Be active in your forum and social Medias enroll yourself in NGOs or in clubs to create a network. Make your circle know that you are doing this kind of business so if they need any assistance they will definitely call you.

Not only offline but also increase your online presence if any popular page is making a post on your niche spend some time to read if you agree with the said then appreciate them else comment down your query or suggestion this makes people know that you have some knowledge in this arena.

Be active online and offline


You can also become popular by continuously engaging with celebrities post in twitter or with influencers in Linkedin.

Creating a YouTube video or podcast for your business by mentioning your name or showing your face in the record also helps you.

4.Get domain name

You can write about your business or about your skills in your own domain name. For example, Mr.Bhoon can write about his experience or his training sessions in his website this can make his name popular.

More than facebook page if you are maintaining your own website for you then really you can create an impact on your customers.

5.Give public speech

NO its not press release, but give free speeches in public domains like colleges, schools or in your forums. By seeing you they should remember your brand and by seeing your brand they should remember you.

If you are an author or businessman you are eligible to deliver speeches in public domains and people are ready to listen to you only if you had done something.

If you feel there some other effective ways to do self promotion please comment down your suggestions we will add it up.

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