How to make your blog post viral?

Everyone wants to make their blog post viral at least one time which will fetch a good response in future also but all the bloggers know this it is not easy to make the content viral but if your content goes unreadable by anyone it may demotivate you because you know how much time you have spent and how much read for composing the post so everyone want their post to be read by everyone. I put some of the points which can make the content viral but don’t try this in all post depends on the content.

  1. Make your content clear even a beginner should easily understood what you are trying to say.
  2. Make the content useful play with some statistics in your niche always don’t go with plain text use appropriate images.
  3. Use Google adwords display planner to collect keywords related to your subject and make the title with it.
  4. Use the keywords in the image alt tag also don’t leave it empty if you are wordpress put it in “Alt text” or if you are coder <img src=”” alt=”keywords”> don’t leave it blank.
  5. Become member of the social media group related to your niche or create and manage one.
  6. Post your blog link in related social Medias group and use appropriate tags.
  7. You can find and track hashtags in websites like hashtagify and hashtracking.
  8. Don’t use more than three hashtags in your twitter post and use maximum in Instagram post .
  9. Make your site SEO optimized if you are using wordpress use Yoast free plugin or get help from the experts.
  10. Make your title sexier people will really open your post if it is like gossip , adult title but make sure at least you have some relation with your content or else readers will never open your post. The advantage is when you post in social groups you get good views but it may not help you in SEO.
  11. Tag the trending hashtags in your post but don’t overdo it.
  12. Request fellow bloggers from other niche to retweet or share your post in return do the same to their post.
  13. Include your blog url in your fb post, as signature in email, your WhatsApp status so people will start questioning you what is this.
  14. Request your families and friends to share and retweet your post.
  15. Find the popular person in your niche and tag her/him in twitter so that he/she may retweet you which can help you to reach maximum numbers but don’t try this for all the post.

And be patient if you know some other points feel free to comment down I will add it in the list.

Content is king but without reader what king will do?


Originally posted 2016-03-24 11:42:24.

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