Affiliate Marketing Tips to make Decent Income

It’s a dream for every office goers to get out of the 9-5 job and a dream for every housewife or househusband to spend her/his time productively.To help you out I am compiling these affiliate marketing tips hope this will be useful for you.

Last six months I analyzed a lot of blogs and found many women bloggers are writing more on making money from home and many men bloggers writing about technology.

But I could find one thing in common both use affiliate marketing as the main source of income for bread and butter and some people making fat cheque from affiliate links.

After reading tons of post on Affiliate marketing here I am writing my very own Affiliate Marketing Tips.

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Caution: If you are dreaming of becoming rich in a month then please don’t continue reading.Building a network needs a lot of efforts and some smart works.The more you work the more you get.

Why do you want to become an affiliate marketer?

First, find why do you want to become an affiliate marketer?

As said before some people want to make this as their mainstream business and some want to add some extra cash from the side.

If you are planning to make this as your mainstream business in future you need to devise it carefully. Spend more time as you spend on your day job.

So decide what you are going to do or why you want to start affiliate marketing?


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Can really make big money from affiliate marketing?

Yes, you can make big money from affiliate marketing but it depends on your both long and short term strategies.

Try different ways to sell the product

If you say or browse how to become an affiliate marketing most bloggers including pro suggest you start a blog.

Even I admit blogging is one of the best ways to earn more from affiliate marketing. But blogging is not the only way.

There are few different ways to make some good income from affiliate marketing.

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If you are planning to sell product by starting a blog.I appreciate it.

But what you are going to write?

Selecting a field is very important to make good money.

Always choose what you know the best for example if you have better knowledge on “Electronic Gadgets “ then you can write on

1.What is the best online store to purchase it?

2.How can avail offer for this?

3.What is the best time to purchase?

4.Your experience with the product?


6.Unique features


8.User experiences etc.,

So whenever people clicks and make a purchase you can get a good commission.

Not only products but also you can sell services like hotels, travels, tutorials etc.,

There are two ways to affiliate with the product or service

1.You can directly affiliate with a service provider or seller. For example, I am affiliated with Amazon and promotes few products from Amazon related to my content.

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2.You can affiliate with “Affiliate Networks”, a lot of affiliate networks are out there to help you earn some good money by selling a product or service.

How does affiliate network work?

Affiliate Network(AN) is an agent who connects the merchants and publishers.

AN connects you with many merchants at one place you need not signup on individual websites.

To join Affiliate Network: You should sign up on their website with your website link once it is approved (takes 1-2 working days) you can get a unique link.

It’s always better to join affiliate networks and promote more products or service rather than sticking to one merchant.

But if you are sure about selling products directly from your site then I would like to join Amazon.

Few Affiliate Networks

5.Unique Affiliate6.Wealthy Affiliate
9.Rakuten10.Avant Link
11.Revenue Wire12.Affiliate Window
13.Trade Doubler14.Zanox
15.ClickBooth16.Flex Offers

The above affiliate networks pay you based on cost per view, cost per click or through selling, it purely depends on the merchant.

Other than above affiliate networks there are some specially designed plugins for affiliate marketers like and

Viglink monetizes all the links on your blog for easy earn.

You need not embed your affiliate link for every merchant viglink automatically converts a link to affiliate link.

But you should disclose this to your audience.

Best Tip: Always revisit the affiliate link on your well performing old post.

2.Start comparison sites

This one also got a huge potential to fetch you more income.

Comparison websites compare the price of a product from different e-commerce sites and suggest a user the best one.

So when a user clicks and makes a purchase you get a commission.

This one takes more time to maintain you need to add more products from different websites and needs to update regularly.

If you are a coder you can create comparison websites at no cost but if you are not and looking for customized sites then you need to pay some money.

Tip: Initially start comparing a product with three websites then slowly move on. For example, you can start comparing the prices of Amazon, Ebay and Alibaba then add few more local store based on your country.

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3.Promote discounts

Start a website which displays offers for a product from different e-commerce websites. Shoppers love discounts so they would like to visit your website before they shop.

So whenever visitor makes a purchase you get a commission through an affiliate link.

You need to always have an eye on e-commerce websites to update offers immediately.

Being a proponent of discounts you should know about the latest offers before your boyfriend or girlfriend.

4.Start a store

This is slightly different from the above model here you are going to start an e-commerce store.

Explained with example

Mr.Ray is affiliated with many online e-commerce stores. He is having good knowledge on Shoes so he coded or outsourced an e-commerce website which displays shoes from various sites.

He thinks it as his own e-commerce store, he writes a blog, he adds subscribers, more giveaways, promotes his site etc., to get more traffic to his compiled online store.

So whenever his subscribers want to purchase a shoe they go and shop from Mr.Ray e-commerce store. On every successful transaction, Ray gains commission.

I hope you understood the concept.

5.Affiliate with local store (Site to store concept)

This is an emerging concept in Affiliate marketing.

To compete with online stores physical stores are announcing more discounts and distributing more coupons to increase their footfall rate to their store.

So to redeem these coupons people prefer buying from physical stores.

This is an opportunity for affiliate marketers to affiliate with local stores to drive more traffic to their stores either by writing about them or displaying their coupons on your site.

6.Social Promotions

Other than creating a website you can use social platforms to earn big.

Create a page or group related to your niche and deliver the content what they are expecting from you.

Once in every 10 posts promote your affiliate product.

My college junior is maintaining a Facebook page with 1 million fans in which he promotes customized products and making $500(least) every month.

Have you noticed one thing from all the above methods?

If you add value to your customers they are ready to make you rich.Tell a story they have not heard of then believe me you will make big.

It’s all about industry leaders. A marketer who devises an idea or shares an idea first to the world is considered as the leader in the respective field.

So try to be an infopreneur.

Tools you need to become an affiliate marketer

To make your campaign successful you need a lot of tools for building a website, creating a content, promoting the content and to measure the result.

To help you out I compiled free online website builders and a Huge list of free marketing tools.


Affiliate marketing is one of the methods to work from home but effective than the rest.

As I said, in the beginning even it takes years for you to sell the first product but keep on working on your ideas and don’t lose hope on it.

Almost after 3 months I sold a mobile phone and earned my first commission from Amazon.

Work with a dream and believe you could make it happen and you will do.

A lot of living successful marketer are there as an example.You could publishes useful and interesting topics for you follow us on Facebook and Twitter , bookmark us in social bookmarking sites.

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