NABARD Grade A or LIC Assistant: Which Job Post Is Better To Choose?

Have you been figuring out the ways that you can have a government job? You have landed on the right platform. LIC is regarded as the best platform because of being highly well established. Getting hired in this firm means having a safe and secured future. Since you are going to apply for the job post of LIC Assistant, you need to accumulate more information about it. 

A Well-Established and Reputed Company

In 1956, LIC was established with the motto to cater to the best in the field of insurance. It has emerged as the largest Insurance Company in India. 

  • It has several customers. Here, it needs to mention that it is a highly reputed Investment Company. 
  • Talking about its zonal office, it feels proud having a total number of eight offices.
  • You may get wonder knowing that LIC is a proud owner of having a total number of 2048 branch offices. 
  • Since its big brand, it has a total number of 133 divisional offices. 

LIC Contributes Towards Economy Of The Country

LIC means Life Insurance Corporation, which keeps introducing a variety of job posts. LIC is not a small but a big company and that is why it has several workers all across the country. This well-established organization plays a major role in the context of building the economy of the country.

What Is The Job Profile Of A LIC Assistant

A LIC Assistant would be responsible for a different type of job post indeed. Here, we are going to mention some of the prominent job duties. Let us check out more about it – 

  • You will be responsible to manage cash counters at LIC offices. 
  • You will be doing the work related to sanction and disburse files. 
  • Apart from it, you will also be responsible regarding the customer grievances. You need to answer the customers so that they can go happy and satisfied.
  • You will also be handling customer service executive related things. 
  • You might also play the role of cashier and single-window operator indeed. 
  • The list does not go end here but a LIC assistant is also responsible for doing account related and back-office related work.

The job post of the assistant is in high demand these days. If you have been hunting to get associated with this organization, then you may go for it. Saying it would not be wrong that it is indeed an excellent opportunity if you want to have a respected and ideal job opportunity. LIC is a distinguished government based company in India. ‘

NABARD Grade A – An Ideal Choice To Make Indeed 

If you do not want to apply for LIC Assistant then you may go for NABARD Grade A. Talking about the next high in-demand job, it is NABARD Grade A Post. NABARD stands for the “National Bank Of The Country” and it introduces several benefits. First, it is not a regular job since you will be learning a lot. You have to put in the best efforts to clear this exam to get this job post. It keeps introducing the vacancies for different categories. 

Encouraging Rural Economy

The motto of this institute is enhancing the rural economy. India is a country going through the development phase. Here, it needs to pay attention to the rural areas so that we can grow quite speedily. 

The best thing is that it is regarded as holding a quite reputed rank in the country. There are many candidates all around the country who want to get hired in this organization.  Engaging with the recruitment as well as a selection process to get hired for this job post. If you want to grab a satisfactory job, you have to go through the recruitment and selection process. 

Career Growth

Talking about career growth, it is just incredible. You probably started being an assistant manager and then can grow gradually being a manager, assistant general manager. If you keep performing well then you may go for Deputy General Manager, General Manager, and Chief General Manager. Talking about the senior posts, it is Executive Director and Director.

In short, it could be said that both job posts are good to choose from. You need to find that you are comfortable with which one. 

In The Last

So, what are you waiting for? It is time to get associated with the best firm called LIC. You will be having a proud feeling after getting associated with this well-renowned government based company of India. 

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