Blacklist an Employee

Blacklist is an alarming word to every employee when they are trying to find better opportunities outside the organization. But do you think employers can really blacklist you? Do we need to analyze why employees are jumping? and why your employers are threatening?

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Why are employees finding opportunities outside?

It’s all about their immediate managers, they got nothing to do with the organization’s structure but all about their reporting manager. If they are supportive, kind and motivating then I can assure your employees won’t leave the organization.

But on the other hand, if their reporting managers are not supportive enough don’t expect them to stay.

Other than immediate managers there is an another practice in the corporate world “Employee Poaching” means employers poach best employees from their competitor’s organization for better salary and designation.

Employees would like to leave the organization not because they are offering high package but not recognized by their present company.

If you don’t evaluate and respect your employee’s talent don’t expect them to stay in your organization.

Other than these two reasons employees say due to a personal problem I am quitting my job but most recruiters don’t accept this reason.

The personal reason may be anything family, work stress, health and many since they are human.

Why do employers want to blacklist an employee?

Have you ever noticed any recruiter saying you due to the bad performance they are blacklisting you? If you don’t perform well they send you to notice to resign. You can understand from this if they are threatening you to stay in the company as per contract means you are performing well and they know well you will land in their competitor’s organization.

They are threatening because they spent more money, time and resources to recruit and train you.

They are threatening you because they don’t want you to land in their competitor’s organization.

They are threatening you because they are also under huge pressure from top management.

They are threatening you because they may run out of employees in a team to complete the project.

What should you know about blacklisting an employee?

To speak technically they cannot blacklist an employee in general domain mean they can blacklist you within the organization but not outside.

For example company “A” the holding company of “B,C,D”.If you are blacklisted in “C” you won’t get an opportunity again to work in any of these four companies but outside these firms.

But if you are working in an IT firm you might have heard of the word NASSCOM.

NSR – National Skill Registry is a database to enter employees details registered under NASSCOM.NSR database is shared to the registered companies to know the verified information about an employee.

When I contacted NASSCOM official regarding this It was clear no companies cannot blacklist an employee on NSR database.

Visit NASSCOM to find whether your company is registered.

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But some job searching portals are providing opportunities for recruiters to blacklist your profile. For example, if you are rejecting an offer for irresponsible reasons or leaving the company soon they may blacklist you in the same portal.

As per employment contract, no companies cannot force you to stay in the company .if you are trying to leave the company during the bond period you have to pay the money spent by the company to train you not more.

But some companies are smartly playing with the bond, few reputed companies are giving training for one year and demanding employees to pay back 12-month salary.

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No companies got right to force their employees to serve their organization. They are using the word “Blacklisting” because they know very well if you move against them in court they have to pay huge money.

The one question I want to ask all the recruiters out there is, what do you do with an unsatisfied employee in your organization? Do you think he will be productive?

More than restricting your employees try to focus on why your attrition rate is higher? Try to work on it. publishes useful and interesting topics for you follow us on Facebook and Twitter ,bookmark us in social bookmarking sites.

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