6 reasons Why your startup needs blog

Increase productivity is the only mantra taught by the Managers to their employees to be successful .You can contribute in any forms either by improving the process efficiency or by increasing the sales. You can improve the process by reading the experts but  it is very difficult to improve your sales in this competitive 2016.A guy next door tomorrow may start a business from the same niche you are doing since right from creating a website to an app it is affordable at very few dollars. But to overhaul your competitors you need to do something on the internet. Having an attractive website is not only drive sales but also having content is important. Few startups realized and accelerated their efforts in building their very first blog in their niche. So when you are going to start your blog?

6 reasons why your startup needs blog
1.Grab the first page

Writing a blog in your own domain will obviously help you to get the first page of the search results related to your keywords.

Consider the situation like this A and B doing the same business A is writing posts and publishing it regularly on the website while B is simply forcing their sales executives to drive sales. B need to hire more talented and need to spend more .While A spends less but sells more.

If your business is falling in a category of foods you write more about foods and restaurants so automatically your website will be prioritized for the keyword “foods and restaurants” so when people search for stuff related to your niche they may land on your page.

By doing this you could tremendously increase traffic to your website and sales to your business. Blogging is one of the proven strategies to drive more sales.

2.Tell your customer

This helps a customer to understand who you are and what kind of service you are doing to the society. It also helps you to showcase your achievements. You can also write about case studies or market research you have done to show how much you are better than your competitors.

3.Give it and take it

If you are not helping anyone then don’t expect someone to help you. If you are not going to solve your customer’s problem then don’t expect them to be your customer. By writing solutions to challenges in your niche you can gain more loyal customers because you helped them.

For example : If you are running a ready mix plant you can write about issues in ready mix and how to overcome so by educating your customer they believe you can be a solution for their problem and obviously place an order or an inquiry call and it depends on your sales person to convert the lead.

4.Comments are good

Either it is positive or negative comments, comments are always good for your business to grow and understanding your customer. The blog is a right platform to get feedback from your customers. Feedback bridges the gap between what you are giving and how they are receiving and expecting.

5.Where is your audience

By equipping your blog with Google analytics you can identify your customers who they are and from where they are .So you can fine-tune your marketing strategies.

6.Communicating platform

Apart from educating your clients or providing solutions to their problem it also helps you to communicate to your customers about your business. You can post articles on how you started, how you are progressing, how you are performing better than your competitors, What is your future plans and publishing some cool articles on celebrations like Diwali, New year with your teammates, Writing about your valuable customers once in a month will help to create a personal bondage between you and your customers.

Starting a blog is not a big deal but to maintain the consistency is a big task you need to hire an individual or spend your time to contribute. You should also increase your email subscribers and leads by providing appropriate forms on your blog.

If you have any query please feel free to comment down I try to answer my level best.

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