How to pass the Six Sigma green belt exam?

People working in the IT sector know well how learning skills are important? Why learning of new technologies, workflow of new system is significant. IT students and people working for IT knows that why is it important to learn new skills and equipments of new technologies to get great salary package. To get expose towards new techniques IT students join certification courses. Students can join six sigma certification courses in order to learn certain skills of the Information technology, statistical field.

In this article you will get to know about process to pass the Six Sigma green belt exam, six sigma green belt certification? Six sigma courses are united of six different levels that are known by name Sigma levels. Six sigma courses are statistical component based advancement method that helps to reduce the matter (problems) related to the products; services or idea provided by the particular industry to establish an effective and efficient business.

The belts of six sigma

Belts are the certificates each level contains a color belt just like belts in karate. Six sigma belts include these belts: white belt, yellow belt, green belt, black belt and master belt. White belt is the basic belt which notifies an introductory level of knowledge; here student works in problem-solving teams. Yellow belt is the second level belt this is also known as improvement belt here participant learns six sigma works. Green belt certification focuses over the advanced analysis and resolution problems related to quality improvement; it assists the data collection and data analysis for black belt projects. Black belt is the second highest belt or certificate participant here leads in solving the problem; coaches its team for project. Master belt is the highest level certificate for six sigma, it trains and coaches black and green belt project participants to function resolve problem; outlines to monitor project.

How long it take for green belt

It would take the duration of maximum 10 weeks to complete the six sigma green belt certification. This course could be done through both online and offline course. The green belt certification is formulated for the individual who has to gain knowledge about Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification. For completion of Lean six sigma green belt certification it takes approx 2 to 7 or 2 to 10 weeks time. 

Process to achieve green belt

There is no hard rule and fixed bound of eligibility to apply for any Six Sigma certifications. However, these certifications require three to five years of work experience or training in the field. Participants have to pass a MCQ test containing hundred to one hundred fifty questions after the training period to get the six sigma certification on the basis of opted level.

Different certification has different eligibility criteria and process. For Six Sigma Green Belt Certification the eligibility criteria is: three years of work experience. Process to achieve green belt certification is passing the six sigma green belt exam. The exam consists of 100 marks question paper consisting of MCQ questions within the duration of 4 hours.


All in all green belt certification is intermediate level certification. Participants who have minimum 3years of experience in training or full time field work are eligible to this. One who is passed with minimum 70% in Six Sigma Green Belt Exam achieves the certificate.

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