10 Easy Steps to Write a Successful Essay About Yourself for a Job

Previously, writing an essay about yourself for a job wasn’t a very popular option in the hiring process. CV and Cover Letter were mostly enough. Now, for most of the creative jobs, a successful essay about yourself is required. You can see it as an extended Cover Letter or a motivational letter. It has some differences, first of all, in the length and depth of your self-description. Here, we offer you some tips on how to deal with this kind of assignment at the needed level and increase chances to get your dream job. These tips will ensure that you can write successful essay.

Start with writing your goal

Of course, your goal is to get the job or get invited to the job interview. It is pretty obvious, you should not state it. But you should think about two other goals. The first goal is the goal you try to reach applying for this job. Is it a career start? Is it a new level? The purpose of your essay should be based on the aim mentioned above.

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Brainstorm some ideas

Start with some simple points, to calm down the fear of a white sheet — “write about education,” “write about my hobby,” “write about my internship.” Later add some interesting twists to link these major pillars of this essay. Remember, you are not writing a solely entertaining piece, even if you want to get a job as a stand-up comedian. So, your essay should have some solid points along with artistic twists.

Write a brief plan

It is the most boring advice of all, we know. Writing a plan and following it is so obvious, right? But people hardly do it, unfortunately. So, take a deep breath and not down a plan of your future essay and later cross the points you are done with. This practice also helps with procrastination. You should have a clear plan if you want to write successful essay.

Ask for help if you feel like failing the task

If, after writing goals, brainstorming and trying to form a plan, you feel like you better stay unemployed than continue with this essay, it is high time to look for some help. You can hire someone to write your essay and focus on something else. It is a normal practice for many candidates. Choose a professional writing service, give them some tips, and get your essay written on time. It is better to make a small investment now than to miss a prospective job offer.

Don’t use online samples

While we are all for online services, online samples are way too plagiarized to use them for your essay. Of course, if you were writing a CV some templates would be helpful, but here you are asked to show your creativity, and it is rather silly to use someone else’s templates for that. However, it is not a bad idea to read some general requirements to the task online.

Don’t be too humble

Boasting about your activities is not the best way to attract HR’s attention, but being too humble can harm you even more. The thing is, when you start “excusing yourself” in every sentence, your reader will feel the lack of confidence. If you are not confident about your abilities, how can you expect others to be?

Don’t give your essay to your mom

Of course, we don’t mean only mom. Don’t give your essay to anyone except the HR. Your wife, your friend, your coworker. The only person you need to impress is the HR specialist, and unless your “mom” is a prominent human relations specialist, you don’t need to care about her opinion, it will only harm the result.

Check your essay many times

Use online services to check your writing. Use Ginger, Grammarly, Hemingway or any other — and use more than one, as they have different algorithms to spot mistakes and omissions. Later, print your essay and read it “offline” — you will spot even more weak places. Read it aloud as well, to find too long sentences.

Pay someone to customize your paper

If you use the same essay for several job offers, customize it properly. Obviously, you don’t need to rewrite it fully, but you can always add some information specific to a particular company. It is a good touch, highly appreciated by HRs. Everyone wants to hire a person who walks the extra mile. You have a great opportunity to hire WriteMyPaperHub and enjoy paying someone to write your essay customized to your academic needs by experts online.

Don’t read your essay again

If you don’t need to customize your essay for the next job offer, don’t read it after you send it. You will definitely find some places you could make better and get discouraged. It has no meaning! Don’t stress yourself out; just move forward and wait for a response. It is also OK to remind you about your application in a week or so.

If you like writing such things, these tips will definitely be useful, but if you don’t, it is much better to delegate this task to someone professional and experienced. They can write successful essay easily.

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