How to select colleges in India after your school ?

As per UGC report there are 46 central universities ,342 state universities,125 deemed universities,227 private universities so put together there are 740 universities in India .1.5 million engineering students are passing out every year in India do everyone getting the job the answer is big NO. This post covers some fundamental stuff which you have to think before enrolling into college. Thus, you can select best colleges.

Based on your interest you choose engineering, arts or some skilled course but I can say that after completing junior college or twelfth standard mostly you don’t have the core idea of the courses, you get the suggestions from your relatives and families .If your brother or relative succeeded in engineering (he/she got the job after engineering) then you will join engineering else you will think about some other courses because you are in fear you won’t get the job. It’s not only in engineering but applies to all the courses except medicine, law and architecture and some other skilled courses where you can practice on your own you won’t wait for placements.

Think of the students who are getting jobs after completing their studies just think of it. It’s because you lack in choosing the colleges. Students don’t know about how to select colleges.

If you are preparing for some entrance exams and getting into prestigious campuses like IIT, NIT, college of engineerings, then you can relax ,80% you will get the job and the investment in these colleges are also less compared to private institutions.

But if you are not landing up in top institutions then you have to choose your college wisely. You can use these tips to select the right colleges.

1.Look for certification : Look whether the college is approved by the government if it is affiliated to universities look into the university present status. You get the degree from the affiliated university only.

2.Look for infrastructure : See whether the college got enough infrastructure ,classrooms, labs, playground ,hostel rooms there are some colleges where there is no some basic facilities after joining the college students realize this and lament.

3.Look for faculties : There few campuses where you can find the faculties only with undergraduate qualification and don’t even have experience, what you are going to learn from them? and what they can teach YouTube video can teach you better than them .College management is doing this because they can pay low wages to them it is profit for them but for you. Even in some reputed colleges they allow the teaching research fellow to take lectures.

4.Look for rules : some colleges make a strict nonsense rules like not to use internet or should not possess mobile inside the campus just think of the situation the entire world is updating their knowledge but it is your son or you staying back just think how he can perform in interview without knowing what the world is upto. Make sure they give enough freedom to stay comfortable to study for four years.

5.Look for return: check their placement status of the college, almost all the colleges in India make a banner they have 95% placements but the reality is not that, to attract more students they are making a fake banners I know colleges who are making shit like this I don’t want to take their names.

When looking for placements statics, look for the average package also .if you are spending 10 lakhs for all the four years think how much you are getting in return, mostly all the private colleges in India depends on the six IT companies where you don’t get big cheque and also takes more time for you to grow in the companies. It’s better to look for the companies coming for the campus placements and the average pack of the college.

6.Look for students right inside the campus: Students from institutions like IIT,NIT’s are more talented than ordinary college students its not only in studies but also in general, all the major colleges have the students clubs where students can involve in various activities which will develop the leadership and organisational skills in such type of college you can face the world boldly compared to students from ordinary colleges so look for it.

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NAAC National Assessment and Accreditation Council is an organisation that assess and accredits institution in India. You can check for the universities grade for further refining.

They classify the universities into four based on the grade

A –Very good



D-unsatisfactory (not accredited)

The criteria based on which grading is done are

Promotion of research, Resource of mobilization for research, Research facilities, Research publications and awards, Consultancy, Extension activities and Institutional social responsibility, Collaborations.

So this could help you to filter out the colleges.

I am writing this because people around me are questioning about which is the best course ,which is the  best college so I  jotted down some of the points above which could help you. Thus, students can select the best colleges.

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