How to write a description for slide on slideshare?

One of the most unused B2B online marketing tools is SlideShare said by Karel Head B2B marketing at LinkedIn. Over 70 million new visitors are visiting SlideShare every month. But how to make the viewers read your slides. If they don’t read then how will you drive traffic or sales to your blog or business respectively? Here I am writing down simple tips on how to write a description for slide on Slideshare.

After analyzing hundreds of most viewed slides I got some interesting points to share with you on a description for slide.

At the end of the reading, you will feel confident to write your own description for slide to attract more readers.

Description for slide

Description for slide is very important to convert viewers as readers.

An average size of SlideShare presentation is 12 and maximum falls below 25.

Opening rate always depends on the number of slides and title.

Before opening your slide viewers will go through description below so more care has to be given while writing a description for slide.


Think description as pitch.

Imagine you are pitching your business idea to a venture capitalist, you think it is more important isn’t it?

In the same way, think you are going to sell your deck to the viewer how you are going to sell?

Write a two-line pitch

1.Tell about the slide what it deals with it.

2.How it can benefit them

Always think from the reader’s point of view why they should open the slide. If they are going to gain something for free definitely they will go through.

Don’t push your thoughts understand the need and deliver. You can target your audience by using appropriate tags.

Using keywords in the description is also an added advantage.

Write a line about the presentation with keyword and the second line about what they can get or how it can help them to solve certain problem or how they can improve.

For example below is the description written by one of the most viewed presentation on self-improvement. It clearly pitches the slide in two lines and additional links with naming.

Description for Secrets to Great Team

Don’t exceed more than three lines. I found some descriptions talking about their company in more than 10 lines and about the slide in one line.

You can talk about your company on the last slide of your presentation with a link to the landing page but don’t talk more in a description.

Other than two line pitch you can add the link to the resources for complete access to the topic. Make three to four lines empty space between description and source link to make it attractive.

You can also leave a link to your company website, but don’t leave any link without naming.

If you are using any images or icons you can put courtesy at the last.

Selecting the right category for your presentation will help you to reach targeted audience.

Hope you can now write your own description for your presentation. If you have any suggestions or queries please comment down let me try to answer.

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