6 Things You Are Doing That Damage a Laptop

Computers are part and parcel of everyday life, making their maintenance a priority. However, many people tend to misuse their computers ignorantly. As a result of this oversight by users, computer parts manufacturers often have to deal with several unnecessary customer complaints. This is even worse for laptops as their parts aren’t individually replaceable like desktops.

If your laptop is performing slowly and you’re about to put an angry customer face on, ensure to consider the following factors to certify that it’s the manufacturer’s fault for your device acting up and not yours.

Disregarding Blocked Air Vents

This is a major problem that often ends up wearing down your desktop or laptop because you didn’t pay attention to your device’s ventilation requirements. Desktops and laptops emit heat while in operation, and they require ventilation continually for your device to perform properly. Overheating causes crucial parts like hard disk, power supply, RAM, and GPU to wear out quickly.

Most PC users are aware of ventilation issues, and the amount of space modern desktop setups need to ensure it has proper airflow might be inadequate. Also, laptop users often abuse their laptops by placing them on or around things that block their air ventilation outlets.

Handling the Laptop Carelessly

Another common problem that’s noticeable among laptop users is handling their devices carelessly, which can end up causing irreparable damage. While its true laptops these days are a lot more advanced than models from the last decade, they’ve also become more delicate. This is the price manufacturers and users had to pay for improved portability.

Touchscreen monitors, front cameras, and USB ports are the most common laptop parts that get damaged when laptops are handled carelessly. So make sure you keep your device well protected while you’re on the move and handle it carefully when using it outdoors.  

Mismanagement of Battery

Battery life nightmares are very much a reality for laptop users and have been so since the very beginning of their entry into the consumer market. Laptops users often tend to forget that laptops are not desktops, and keeping them turned on for extended periods can easily kill your laptop’s battery before you even know it.

The best advice to avoid this rookie laptop user mistake is to avoid using your laptop for extended periods. Fiddling around with battery options is also a great idea as it greatly reduces power consumption if you put your laptop on power saver mode. 

Stressing Device Cables and Wires

This mistake relates to both the internal cables and wires of a laptop as well as that of external peripheral devices. The spring mechanism of a laptop that allows the monitor to connect with the lower clamshell comprising the keyboard and other necessary components has a lot of stressing wires and cables holding things together.

If you flip your laptop too frequently or too suddenly with a lot of force, these cables and wires can get disconnected or displaced, causing a wide range of major problems like power breaches and more. Handling your laptop carefully is the best course of action to avoid this. 

Allowing Dust, Dirt, and Liquid to Run Wild on the System

Unlike desktop users, laptop users don’t have the option to open up their casing and clean up the interior. This often results in dust, dirt, and liquid running wild on the system, causing your system to suffer from poor performance and overheating. If you’re wondering why your computer is so slow, this might be the culprit, especially if you’re a laptop user.

Browsing the Internet Unprotected

Another common reason many laptop users tend to see their system performance dropping drastically or being targeted by malware is that they browse the internet unprotected. Most users tend to depend on the built-in antivirus software that accompanies most commercial operating systems. Using a strong and effective antivirus software like Norton or Kapersky can easily resolve this issue.

Keeping Things Simple and Easy

It’s quite easy to end up damaging your precious laptop without intending to either in your daily life or while you’re on the move. Keeping the factors above in mind and acting accordingly to avoid them is a great way to prolong your laptop’s lifespan. And in case you end up with an unfixable problem, kindly visit a reputed computed service professional to have it checked.

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