Bangladesh Virtual Number

How to Get Bangladesh Virtual Number for SMS Verification?

Although the conditions for buying real SIM cards in Bangladesh are relatively loyal, they can cause some inconvenience. Let’s analyze them in detail and find out who might need a virtual Bangladesh card: 

What Are the Restrictions on Purchasing Real SIM Cards in Bangladesh?

In fact, buying real SIM cards in Bangladesh is quite profitable as they cost an average of $2. However, there are a number of restrictions. For example, a person can buy no more than 15 cards in his or her name. Some mobile operators set limits and do not sell more than one card to one person.

Using multiple cards creates inconvenience because a person must:

  • use multiple phones or constantly change SIM cards;
  • disclose his or her name when making a purchase;
  • monitor the account balance on several SIM cards.

A virtual SIM card solves all these inconveniences.

How to Get a Virtual SIM Card in Bangladesh?

A virtual SIM card is not a real plastic card but an account on the website of a virtual mobile operator. It works via the Internet, and you don’t need a phone to use it.

You get a phone number that has the international code of Bangladesh and looks like a regular number. You can use it anywhere you want:

  • when registering in messengers, social networks, and applications;
  • when registering on websites;
  • when filling out application forms for loyalty cards;
  • for registration in drawings and promotions, etc.

SMS from these resources or applications will be sent to your personal account. Now, there will be no spam on your phone. If you want the message to be duplicated on another channel, set up forwarding to another phone number, HTTP(s), or email.

All card management is done through a private account. It displays the account balance and transaction history and stores incoming SMS.

To get a cloud number, register on Hot Telecom, select Bangladesh from the drop-down list, and fill in the fields.

Get a Virtual SIM Card in Bangladesh
Get a Virtual SIM Card in Bangladesh

Registration takes no more than 5 minutes. Usually, the number is activated almost instantly, but in some cases, you will need to wait for 1–2 days. Done! You are now the owner of a virtual number that protects your privacy.

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