The Best Project Management Apps for Freelancers Have These 4 Features

Project management entails using different skills and techniques to achieve specific project goals. As a freelancer, you can attest that initiating the project to its closure is hectic. To make it worse, you might find yourself handling more than one project at a time which poses a frustrating issue in itself.

However, the introduction of project management apps came to your rescue. Typically, project management apps help track more than one project by providing project integration, open-ended collaboration, and more helpful features.

This article comes in handy in identifying 4 features that are included in the best project management app for freelancers.  Keep reading to learn more. 

Open-ended collaboration

It is impossible to effectively execute a project while working alone. When working as a team, you all need to collectively do your part to ensure the project’s success. Therefore, the project management app needs to incorporate an organized feature where all the team members can assess each other’s work and complement it. The project management apps should include components such as:

  • File sharing. All the team members have specific tasks that they are assigned. Therefore, by inserting file sharing, everyone can insert information on their progress or read about the data inserted by others.
  • Team communication. An ideal project management app should have an in-built messaging feature for easier communication with the team. Additionally, the software can also incorporate shared calendars and a contact list.
  • Team dashboards. The dashboard can key performance indicators (KPI), graphs, and charts, which are critical in tracking everyone’s progress. Essentially, the dashboards will be used when you have your regular team meeting to analyze if your progress is heading towards the project goals.

Full-project integration

Project management involves utilizing a lot of components. Therefore, locating all these components in one place will help avoid juggling from one interface to another.

Additionally, the central location of all the project components on one screen will help save a lot of time. Moreover, you can also integrate your project management apps with other related programs and teammates to better streamline your workflow.

Day-by-day delivery management

Project management is supposed to help regulate time and ensure you always make your deadlines. The project management app should help you achieve this through effective planning and scheduling. The ideal project management app should assign tasks to all the team members together with the respective deadlines. If the deadline is approaching, the system should send a notification to the involved party to help keep everyone on track.

All-inclusive pricing

For efficient project management, you will need to include the expenses involved. It is fundamental to track how you spend your money on the project. Therefore, having a project management app that tracks the expenses makes the system efficient.

The records will be critical in budget performance reports. Additionally, it’s even better if the project management app is programmed to create invoices for your clients.


Having efficient project management apps will significantly help you execute your roles well as a small business owner or freelancer. Get a project management app that includes these helpful and efficient features.

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