Notes on editing PDF data (2023)

What should I pay attention to before editing PDF data? Using software and converters may allow you to easily edit, convert and merge PDF files, but sometimes less than ideal situations can occur, this article is for you to share editing PDF 4 points you should pay attention to before data and remedies.

Before editing PDF data online, it is recommended that you check the following four points:

1. Broken fonts and broken layouts .

2. The presence or absence of editing restrictions .

3. Edit function .

4. The free version may contain watermarks .

There is a possibility that font collapsing and layout collapsing will occur

One of the advantages of PDFs is that garbled characters and layout crashes are less likely to occur regardless of the browser used. However, this can happen when editing PDFs.

If the fonts used in the PDF to be edited are not installed on the PC you are using, garbled characters will appear. In this case you should install the same font.

Workaround: Online pdf editor

This is an online PDF editor that generates fonts that exactly match the PDF file while editing the content. It is dedicated to adding text and graphics by accessing the Word online editor PDF document content on a web page . Text entry is simple and convenient. As you type in the toolbar that appears at the top of the screen, a text box with text input is automatically generated. Just drag and drop OK to move it to the section you want to enter. You can also set the font, size, color, and fill of the text you want to enter, and you can paste images into your document and insert graphics such as free-form lines, arrows, rectangles, and ellipses.

Check editing restrictions

Most money-related materials (quotes, purchase orders, etc.) and highly confidential materials (new product proposals, etc.) are subject to editorial restrictions, such as password entry settings.

If you want to edit something with editing restrictions like this, there is a trick to print it once, convert to PDF again and edit it. However, when editing material with editorial restrictions, it is always advisable to share the fact that you are editing or have edited with those involved.

Workaround: convert pdf to word

Use convert pdf to word to convert PDF files to Word, so that you can edit and modify them locally. For simple documents such as general quotations and contracts, the conversion accuracy of convert pdf to word is close to 99%, which is stable and reliable.

Use hidden features with caution

When editing PDFs, there is a method called ” brushes ” to black out the parts that you want to hide. It is usually used when you want to hide personal or confidential information.

While this revision is useful, it can be tricky. On the surface, the data appears to have been edited out, but in reality the data itself still exists. It just hides.

In other words, editing alone has a high chance of extracting hidden information.


To completely prevent information leakage, please delete the data itself in the relevant location from the original file. Or, print it once, black out the relevant parts with a magic pen, convert it to PDF again, and send it to the client.

The free version may have a watermark

Some online PDF merge tools that claim to be free can leave product logos or watermarks on your final file. In this case, you must upgrade to the paid version to remove the watermark. For individuals and professionals, long-term use of the paid version is not a small expense.

Workaround: merge pdf

Merge pdf is a free batch merging tool. After entering the tool page, click “+” to add multiple PDF files. The conversion speed is fast, and both simple and complex PDF files can be perfectly merged. At work, we will encounter quotations, purchase orders or highly confidential materials . These documents often need to be integrated by us. If we use an online editor to process them one by one, it will be very troublesome, and this is where Merge PDF plays a role in batch processing. good time.


What should I pay attention to before editing PDF data? The above has shared the points that you need to pay attention to before using PDF editing tools and how to deal with them, which must be helpful for those who often come into contact with PDF files.

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